Microsoft SharePoint Intranet & Dock

Microsoft SharePoint is good but with Dock it's Exceptional.

At Dock, we've been working with enterprise businesses for years to create one-of-a-kind company intranets. We hear every day about the struggles of getting all of your employees to adopt the technology. We get it, SharePoint can be confusing and hard to personalize. We spent years learning what businesses need in an intranet portal and created the perfect, out-of-the-box solution: Dock.

What is Dock?

Simply put, Dock is an easy-to-use, all-encompassing business solution. We’ve worked with many different enterprise clients to learn how businesses want to interact with Microsoft SharePoint and created the perfect out-of-the-box solution for every business.

You'll Love Working With Dock

You're going to love Dock's quick and simple implementation and deployment. We have created an easy-to-understand user interface that will help your business take advantage of everything Microsoft SharePoint has to offer.

With easy-to-use document management, communication management and countless other tools, Dock is the key to seamless collaboration-- no matter what size your team is or where they're located.

Your Employees Will Love Working With Dock, Too.

Implementing SharePoint internally as an intranet portal is intended to make your business run smoothly. However, the traditional approach to SharePoint can be time consuming and slow. With the challenges to implementation, our enterprise clients have faced difficulties with employee adaptation.

Deploying Dock is quick and seamless. With Dock you’ll have a beautiful intranet that leverages all the productivity tools in Microsoft SharePoint without the stress of a long, drawn-out implementation period.

Make Dock Work For You

With Dock you get all the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint wrapped up in a beautiful, easy-to-navigate user experience. Some of Dock’s features include:

Training Portal

Dock organizes job training timelines, videos, manuals, employee handbooks and more together in a smooth, professional learning management portal.

Project Management Portal

With calendars, task management and time sheet tracking, Dock improves efficiency and organization with every project.

Employee Resources

Dock brings human resource functions to an easy-to-access setting so that employees can work with HR to manage employee profiles, benefits, absences and more.

Sales Portal

Dock helps keep your pipeline moving smoothly from lead to quote to conversion and every step in between.

Other Portals and Features - Dock includes countless features like a finance portal, social integration, employee communication management and so much more!

Deploy Dock For:

Microsoft SharePoint

On-Prem for SharePoint 2013

Deploy to your existing On-Premise SharePoint 2013 Standard or Enterprise environment.

Microsoft SharePoint

On-Prem for SharePoint 2016

Deploy to your existing On-Premise or Hybrid SharePoint 2016 environment.

Office 365

Online for Office 365

Quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively deploy a beautiful intranet that leverages all the productivity tools in Microsoft SharePoint on Office 365.

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