Complete Offline Marketing Portal and eStore Portal in Dock. Quick.Easy.Integrated!

24 Jan 2017 | Sajin Sahadevan

Dock Intranet Portal’s Marketing Portal and eStore Portal helps Marketers eliminate the need of spreadsheets to plan Marketing Events and Marketing Lists. Also, the eStore feature has helped organizations internally to sell products within their employees to boost employee satisfaction. Dock is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 with flexible and extendable features assisting Employees to work seamlessly, collaboratively and of course improved productivity.


Marketing Portal - Dock

Dock - Marketing Portal - Analytics

You might be asking this question: Why Dock Intranet Portal uses SharePoint Technology for building portals? Check out our feature list and then you will realize the power of Microsoft SharePoint Technology. This is available as an out-of-the-box functionality using a minor configuration.

Some of the major areas of Microsoft SharePoint that we have implemented for developing Dock Intranet – Departmental Portals include:

  • Branding – Nobody likes that generic template on their portal right? SharePoint helps you for changing the look and feel which can match your company branding.
  • Content Management – Standard webparts and security can be removed/applied on any page so that your vendors or clients are seeing the information which is applicable for them.
  • Business Workflow/Automation – The approval processes can be connected to project contracts, tasks, documents and other items which needs interaction between various parties.
  • Notifications – This is really important in terms of a Company Portal. How are you going to know if your company has posted an important notification if you are not using the portal? That’s where we have alerts and email notifications setup for portals so that your colleagues won’t miss anything while on-the-go.

Dock eStore Portla

Dock - eStore Portal for Internal Purposes

So how does Dock Intranet Portal fit in your organization? Very simple! Since it is integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint Online, the solution is 70% flexible and can enable workflows and business processes with ease. That’s the kind of expertise we have and we deliver the best to our customers.


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