Cost Effective SharePoint Intranet – Making the Most Out of Your Office 365 Investment

07 Jun 2017 | Sara Lomax

Your Office 365 Investment

No matter what size business you are, Office 365 is a considerable investment. Many businesses use Office 365 for Outlook, Word and Excel and let all the other amazing productivity tools included go to waste. Among our customers we’ve found that SharePoint is the most misunderstood and under-utilized product in Office 365.



Microsoft SharePoint on its own is a document management solution. Somewhere to save all your team’s files so that they can be accessed and edited by other members of your team anywhere in the world.

With a mini-CRM, document management, workflows and other product integrations, Dock will save your company money and invaluable time.

With Dock, Microsoft SharePoint is a fully functional, customized, easy-to-use intranet portal.

We know those words strung together sound expensive. In fact, getting a program like this custom made can run your company into the thousands and take several months. However, at Dock we’re proud to be affordable and cost-effective. We’ve been helping businesses like yours create the perfect SharePoint intranet for over 15 years so we understand your priorities.

Low Cost Doesn’t Have to Mean Low Quality

After being in this business for over 15 years, we figured out that most businesses require many of the same tools in their intranet, so we decided to stop reinventing the wheel. We took the very best parts of our many SharePoint intranets to deliver the most high-quality, cost-effective customizable intranet.

Dock’s inherently scalable nature makes it affordable for smaller every business whether you have a 30-person team or a 3000-person team.

With Dock, pre-built doesn’t mean sacrifice. We’ll help you customize your colors, logos, branding, help you choose which features you do need and which ones you don’t. We’ll help you plan and prepare your team, we’ll test the finished product with you and give you continued support through the whole onboarding process.

With Dock, you’ll have a full-customized, affordable and beautiful SharePoint intranet up and running with your whole team onboard in about a month. What are you waiting for? Ready to learn more? Contact our team of SharePoint experts to see Dock in action.

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