Easy Collaboration Tips with Contractors

16 Dec 2016 | Sajin Sahadevan

Getting independent contracts at organizations of all sizers in normal. Peak seasons demand higher bandwidth, full-time workers take temporary off or temporary/unique roles has to be filled up.

Whatever the reasons are, getting help from contractors will provide flexibility, scale, and specialized skills for your team – which helps to grow their popularity continuously. For e.g. 51% of the organizations say their requirement for contingent works will keep growing within the coming 3 to 5 years. In parallel, the talent pool is moving to match this trend. By the year 2020, 43% of the United States workforce will become freelancers.

Getting the desired contractor, the right task is just a primary step. They’ll mostly be working outside the office, however, you need to depend on the resources which your internal team follow daily. If you need to enable your contracts to work better, make sure to provide them with the best tools for collaboration with your internal team.

So, easy collaboration tips right? Check out them below: -

1. Streamlining Communication

You got to make it easier for the contractors to keep in touch. Bring the technology which helps them communicate and collaborate with your internal teams. This should come in the form of several tools, so choose the right ones they require. Configure them for sending instant message to everyone in the organization. Promote usage of video conferencing and screen share for the best collaboration.

The next question is if the contractor will be working across several projects or teams? Well, in that case, you have to consider choosing a chat-based workspace – not only for them but also for your entire team. They shouldn’t get tied up with loads of private instant messages about same projects. You can guide them through the threaded group chat which will surely help them for attaining more organized web-based collaboration.

2. Easy File Sharing

This depends on the contractors work location, work timings, time zones - might be the factor for their success. You need to make sure that the contractor never gets stuck waiting for the team member to come online and give access. Here’s your answer to this issue: cloud-based file sharing and storing powered by SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. This way, contracts will be able to get the documents/files they require 24/7 anywhere, anytime. You will be able to add permissions like restrict or permit access to particular file which the contractor would need and remove the access once the contract is void.

3. Staying on the Same Page

Boost collaboration with the feature to co-author (edit and work simultaneously) one same documents online. This will help in preventing loads of emails between your team members. The digital files automatically syncs/updates over the internet, so the team will be always looking at the most recent/updated version of the file. Since all your files are sitting on the cloud, you will get to know who has last accessed/edited it; review and undo changes if you wish to get back to the old version.

4. Data Security

Speaking about data security, this is for you and your IT department. You got to strike balance between your entire team as what they require when retaining control over the organizational data. The file access that you give to your contractors doesn’t have to be forever. When their contract is over, you just have to remove access remotely. Even if the contractor has used their own system/mobile device for accessing your data, don’t worry, the cloud-based tools will help in deleting the company files from that system/device.

To conclude

With the best infrastructure and technology, freelancers can become a great extension to your team and organization. Forget about the lost files, disruptions or security breach. The best tools will help you solve all these problems and enhance your team productivity and collaboration!