Five Tips to Improve Your SharePoint Experience

01 Jun 2017 | Sara Lomax

So you’ve got SharePoint, now what? You figured out how to store your documents and maybe create a team page, right? Why stop there when there are so many other features at your fingertips, waiting to change your business experience.

SharePoint can be confusing, we know. In fact, there were an estimated 5,000 US Google searches in the last month alone trying to understand “How to use SharePoint.” That’s why we made Dock, an easy-to-use SharePoint solution that brings all the features you want from SharePoint together in one place.

With over 16 years’ experience working with businesses like yours to create the perfect SharePoint intranet, we think of ourselves as experts on not only SharePoint but businesses, too. We compiled these 5 tips we share most frequently with our customers to help ease your company into a customized SharePoint solution.

Come Prepared

When you come to Dock, or any other SharePoint solution provider, the first step should be knowing what you want. It’s okay if you can’t articulate it well, that’s our job. Tell us about the kinds of way you imagine working with and around your SharePoint intranet and we’ll get the technical cogs moving.

Being prepared should stay important through the whole process. Be prepared to train your team on the platform. Be prepared to decide who is going to manage your SharePoint. Be prepared for all the growth and efficiency you’re about the experience with your company’s new SharePoint intranet.

Get Started with a Strong Plan

This one is important. Before you get launched to your whole team, our team of SharePoint experts will help you decide how to manage your SharePoint intranet. Will marketing manage the communication? Or human resources? Who can give permission to access your more sensitive documents? Making these choices is an important step to make sure you can get off to a strong start.

You’ll also want to develop a plan of where to store things. Similarly, this will happen early on. Do you have a whole host of special policies and procedures? Then you’re going to want to plan for those to go in your policies portal. Project documents? Invoices? You need to pick a place for everything and share that plan with your team.

Stick to It

It’s not enough to make your document storage and governance plans, you must commit to sticking to them. This might be tough in the beginning, because employees may resist change. This can also be challenging in the later days, when everyone is comfortable enough with the platform to start loosening the rules.  Keep your team successful by making sure everyone follows the guides you created to ensure the best outcomes from your intranet.

Train, learn and grow

Train early and often. Ensure you and your team are always growing by making training a continuous process. Early training will ensure your employees will have no problem adapting their business processes to the new intranet. Make sure every team member has every opportunity to learn the intricacies of SharePoint so that no one gets left behind.

Keep up to date on SharePoint’s newest features. As SharePoint grows, so does Dock. New features (like the recent upgrades to the search feature) may mean more training sessions, even for your most seasoned users.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve been working with SharePoint for over 16 years. We may be experts but we understand that you’re not. Have questions or concerns? Can’t figure something out?  Get in touch! We are always here to get you back on track when something isn’t working properly.

Are you ready to get your team on the path to success with SharePoint? Stop struggling through the confusing interface and start utilizing all the productivity features SharePoint has to offer. Contact the experts at Dock today to get started.