From your Mails to Money - Get working with Project "Madeira" in Microsoft Outlook

13 Oct 2016 | Sajin Sahadevan

We can spend a lot of time in our email, especially when it comes to interacting with our business contacts, such as customers and vendors. For these interactions, we often need information related to the business contacts that is stored in our financial system. To streamline these experiences, Microsoft has brought email and finance together by embedding Project "Madeira" directly in Outlook.

Outlook Mail

In an email message in Outlook, the Project "Madeira" add-in provides one-click access to a financial detail for the business contact associated with the email. This includes a dashboard with overview information for the contact, ability to drill down on the detail to the documents that are summarized in the dashboard, as well as the ability to create and send documents from within the add-in.

For example, a customer sends you an email asking for a quote. You can review the customer’s information, create the quote, and send it with a templated message tailored to that customer. You can do this all without ever leaving Outlook, and the add-in will update everything in your financial system with the new document created in Project "Madeira".

Document Links

The Project "Madeira" Outlook add-in also provides the ability to quickly lookup documents referenced within the body of an email message. The add-in recognizes text in the email message that is a Project "Madeira" document number, and highlights the text as a link. When the user opens the add-in, the referenced document opens in the add-in frame, allowing you to interact with the document just as you would in the Project "Madeira" application. 

Outlook Calendar

The Project "Madeira" Outlook add-in also provides intelligent information and functionality in your Outlook calendar. You can open the add-in frame in a calendar appointment to view information related to the customer in the meeting, as well as create and send invoices and other documents to the customer.

This is handy for service-based companies who use the Outlook calendar for scheduling services with their customers. From directly in the calendar appointment for a scheduled service, you can take care of all the financial tasks related to the appointment that would otherwise be completed in the Project "Madeira" application. For example, when a service is completed, you can create and send an invoice for the associated service from the calendar appointment.

For more information, see Using Project "Madeira" as your Business Inbox in Outlook.

This is just one of many examples of how Project "Madeira" makes you more productive. If you haven't signed up for Project "Madeira" yet, then go to and get signed up in seconds.