[BLOG SERIES]: Get Used to Microsoft SharePoint! Part II

19 Apr 2017 | Sajin Sahadevan

Get Used to SharePointGet Used to SharePoint - Part II

Okay, guys, hope you read my blog about Get Used to Microsoft SharePoint (Blog Series) last Friday. I couldn’t stop sharing more information about our SharePoint Intranet Portal Experiences. This week, I will be discussing more about the SharePoint Design, Customized Looks and Development.

Lot of SharePoint UI Designers are out in the Market

Hiring lots of SharePoint Developers/Admins is not going to help you manage SharePoint for your organization. You need someone with creative skills – A UI Designer to be precise. For a SharePoint good looking UI, UI Designers with SharePoint skills is going to be an added advantage for your organization. Let them come up with fresh graphical concepts and later, that could be your major requirement, right?

Lot of time required for Custom Portals

Lots of our prospects and customers speak about having customized SharePoint Intranet Portal for their business with their own branding. Most of the comments are like this – “Our Intranet Portal shouldn’t look like SharePoint”. Why so? What’s wrong with SharePoint? Especially with the 2016 SharePoint upgrade, SharePoint content management has gone to a great extend along with UI enhancements. We at Dock 365 Inc. have a dedicated team of UI designers with an average of 4 years of experience to cater our business needs. If you are looking for UI designers without SharePoint expertise, refrain yourself from signing up with them as your project timeline will get delayed for a longer period.

4 Key Elements – Plan, Design, Research and Develop

What’s the success factors for organizations implementing a Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Portal? It’s all about a perfect plan -> design -> research and development process that you need to follow wisely. There are various design strategies you can follow by following the developer’s recommended practices. Check out our strategy:

  1. Promoting your Intranet Portal within your Organization.
  2. Providing support and training facilities to boost your employees’ productivity.
  3. Considering your organization’s long term goals and how effectively an Intranet Portal can better perform the workforce and how it can transform into functional needs.
  4. How efficiently can you migrate your existing content to the latest Intranet Portal? You need to formulate a strategy for sure!
  5. Considering the company-change management policies before working on Intranet Initiative.
  6. SharePoint content management and SharePoint Governance.
  7. Intranet Navigation and Information Architecture planning – To better index files/documents and making it easier for access.
  8. To impress your Employees with the Intranet Portal UI design – making it easier for them to reach their desired files and workflows.

How to win the Best SharePoint Intranet UI?

Our SharePoint experts make use of SharePoint’s existing features to the maximum. We compile all these exciting features under one roof i.e. Dock Intranet Portal. There are various providers of Intranet Portals across the world. If you are confused on choosing the right partner, Collab 365 Directory is the right place for you to research on different products

(P.S. We are one of the active partners at Collab365 Directory)

So, what are the most important elements required to build a perfect UI for your SharePoint? Check them out:

  1. Content Rotator (Image Rotator) that is filled with Company Announcements, News, Alerts along with great images
  2. Company Branding which should be visually appealing (of course yes!)
  3. Easy Navigation – Your users shouldn’t complain of getting lost. 2-3 clicks and they should be there at their desired lists/libraries or sites.
  4. Availability of core features within the Landing/Home Page.
  5. A Perfectly designed User Guide linked within the Landing/Home Page.
  6. Color combinations used in the Intranet Portal design.
  7. Highlighting important tasks and search functionalities to help the employees use them effectively.

Who says SharePoint Is Turnkey?

SharePoint is just a platform developed by Microsoft. Simply subscribing to these services is not all! It’s just a hollow machine where you need to add features to get started. With dedicated and trusted SharePoint Experts like us, you will be able to attain the best SharePoint Intranet Portal for your business. That’s our promise!

So, if anyone asks if SharePoint is a Turnkey? You know what to answer right?

There are success stories and downfalls for SharePoint Implementations. It’s nothing to do with luck or other factors but depends on how strong your SharePoint resources are. SharePoint alone is not going to solve all your problems (It is not a plug-and-play solution). Realizing that will solve your first issue.

What you need to follow to ensure the success of your SharePoint Intranet Portal project?

  1. Understand that SharePoint is just a platform and installing that alone doesn’t solve your problems/requirements.
  2. Don’t be overconfident with your SharePoint Plans. Be wise.
  3. Research from SharePoint authenticated sources only (For e.g. blogs.microsoft.com).
  4. Handover your SharePoint project to a trusted and reliable SharePoint Consulting Partner so you won’t lose lot of time, budget and of course quality!