How Financial Institutions Benefit from a Customized SharePoint Intranet?

26 May 2017 | Sara Lomax

Financial institutions usually have challenging requirements in their company intranet. Between stringent federal and state policies and extremely detailed customer needs, banks and credit unions require a unique intranet.

So, when Florida’s leading credit union came to us for help, we were excited to take on the challenge. A bank or credit union SharePoint intranet needs a few unique features:

  1. A way to manage their policies and procedures
  2. Absolute data security.

Here’s how we accomplished their needs:

Policies and Procedures Portal

Dock’s document management portal is robust and well-organized for most industries, but banks and credit unions need a little bit extra. Compliance is not just important to business management but also regulated by federal and state law.

That’s where our policies and procedures portal comes in. Made with financial institutions in mind, this portal is a specific area to store vital documents.  This portal created an easy space for the Florida credit union to store, update, search and utilize all of their policies and procedures documents, ensuring compliance across their whole team.

Data Security

Like document management, data security is important to every industry. Unlike document management, we didn’t need to deploy any new features to meet this need. At Dock, we’re proud to help make sure all of our customers’ data stays completely secure. Because Dock is built on the power of Microsoft SharePoint, every one of our customers, including the Florida credit union, gets data security backed by Microsoft. 

Dock’s customized SharePoint intranet improved organization, productivity and compliance across this Florida credit union’s whole team. Are you ready to transform your business with a customized SharePoint intranet? Contact the SharePoint experts at Dock today to get started!