How Microsoft Teams can bring in more Productivity?

15 Mar 2017 | Sajin Sahadevan

March 14, 2017 was the big day for Microsoft as they announced the perfect chat-based workspace within O365 – Microsoft Teams!

Its available in 19 languages and over 181 markets. We had the preview version rolled out during November 2016 and various companies across the world started using it. If you had watched the Webcast of Microsoft Teams, they had featured customers like Trek Bicycle speaking about their experiences leveraging Microsoft Teams for their workforce. Also, the integration with top-notch plugins – Impressive!

Office 365 is coming up with lot of enhancements (that’s why there are over 85 million users worldwide).

Why do you think Office 365 is the best platform for organizations?

  1. Outlook for your company emails
  2. Yammer for Enterprise level networking across your organization
  3. SharePoint – The Powerful document and content management solution
  4. Skype for Business – The Enterprise level Video Conferencing/Chat Tool and now
  5. Microsoft Teams – The Perfect Blend of Chat-based work environment within Office 365

Our Experience with Microsoft Teams

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner Company, we stay ahead by using Microsoft Technology and that gives us the confidence to promote and deploy Microsoft Technology for our clients.

What Microsoft Teams promise us:

  1. The Team Chat
  2. Hub for Teams
  3. Customized Apps and finally,
  4. Security

Please watch our Microsoft Teams Experience video here! We are excited about this application and the results what we see so far is just great!

The Team Chat

We have been using Skype for Business, but Microsoft Teams has much more to offer! It provides persistent and threaded chat to keep everyone in the same page. Did you come across the GIF, Meme and Office Drama Stickers feature next to the chat area? Now that’s called creativity!

Microsoft Teams Discussion Board

Microsoft Teams Interactive Chat

Hub for Teams

If you have watched our video (the link above), we have created 3 teams namely, Dock Intranet Ninjas, Global Infonet Champs and AD Team. We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for tracking our Sales Contacts and Companies, Google Analytics and Power BI for Analytics, SharePoint (of course, that’s our sustenance) and MailChimp for Email Marketing.

How about integrating all these apps into Microsoft Teams? Today, I don’t need to always keep opening all these apps separately in my browsers as I have integrated them with Microsoft Teams – all those information is shown in the Teams Feeds and in one page! 

My Email Campaign Reports are shown in the same page. Thanks to MailChimp!

Microsoft Teams MailChimp Marketing Addon

Also, scheduling meetings has become much easier as it is integrated with free or busy calendar availability for the team members. Also, the transition from chats to voice/video is impressive!

Well, we have our Sales and Marketing Team, Projects and Technical Team working at GI and Dock 365 Inc. There are over 150 integration plugins available (more to come). One of the bots that we use is hipmunk. I wanted to check for flights from Jacksonville, FL to New York City, NY and see what I got:

Microsoft Teams hipmunk bot chat



This is a usual question we get from our clients. “So, how secure are your applications?”. In the Microsoft Teams Webcast that was aired on March 14, 2017, Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for the Office team spoke about Microsoft Team complying Global Standards which includes EU Model Clauses, SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO27001.

Features such as eDiscovery and audit log search is supported with Microsoft Teams. And what more, it is already provisioned within your Office 365. Check for it on your Office 365 Environment.

Just before I forget, please download the Microsoft Teams App for iOS/Android and enjoy the experience!

SharePoint Libraries in sync with Microsoft Teams

Yes, if you come across the Team Hub, you have the provision to access Files right from the SharePoint Libraries and your own OneDrive Folders. There is no switching back to different windows to share content. Everything is available in one single window!

Also, check out the screens from Microsoft Teams Mobile App:

Microsoft Teams Mobile App Screen 1Microsoft Teams Mobile App Screen 2Microsoft Teams Mobile App Screen 3Microsoft Teams Mobile App Screen 5

What to expect more from Microsoft Teams?

We hope to hear from Microsoft on future updates - higher integration capabilities with Microsoft Outlook and Guest Access capabilities. Let’s wait for it until next quarter!