Moving to Office 365: Is it worth it?

18 May 2017 | Sajin Sahadevan

As the demand for cloud services grows, most mid-size organizations are migrating to the cloud for better ROI on their IT services.

Realizing the growing number of Office 365 users, Microsoft has already set tone for SMB’s IT services. From emails to SharePoint and Office Apps availability on mobile devices, Office 365 has become a necessity for SMBs.

Our customers often ask us, “Should we move to Office 365? Is it worth the hassle of migrating?”

This questions isn’t easy to answer.  Cloud and on-premises both have their own pros and cons. We’re going to discuss some of these pros and cons to help you decide which solution is best for your business.

Let’s compare both Office 365 and On-Prem solutions:

Office 365 vs Onprem ComparisonOffice 365 vs Onpremise


Let’s dive deeper in and take a more in-depth look at the on-prem and Office 365 features.


Pros of having Microsoft Exchange On-Prem

1.    You get complete control of your Exchange data – You decide the backup timing of your email databases, and when the backup needs to be stored or deleted
2.    Customizations are very flexible – You can integrate with third party applications
3.    You get full control of all activities – The hardware and email solution is yours, so you can decide on the configuration required

Cons of having Microsoft Exchange On-Prem

  1. Higher license/hardware expenses
  2. Security might be at risk
  3. Chances of losing your data due to unexpected events
  4. Availability and uptime of your solution

Pros of having Office 365

  1. Reduced expenses – evade hardware costs
  2. Chances of losing your email data is lower
  3. Solution is always up to date
  4. Flexibility to change licenses anytime
  5. Set up new employees in minutes

Cons of having Office 365

  1. You don’t have the complete access to O365 Exchange Servers or third party solutions
  2. Migration of data can be a challenge
  3. Going back to an on-premises solution will be a risk

Making the choice between the cloud and on-premises can be complicated and it depends a lot on your business’ individual needs. Still need some help deciding and setting up your Office? Get in touch with the experts at Dock today!

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