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01 Mar 2017 | Sajin Sahadevan

Last year, there were significant updates to SharePoint User Experiences like document libraries, team sites and pages. These experiences featured powerful and simple webparts which are responsive, mobile friendly and yes, easy to use. With customization of webparts on the page, the team could build custom sites which featured relevant tools and content for their team. Additionally, for the rich set of webparts that are available within Microsoft SharePoint, the SharePoint champs can create fresh new webparts. Microsoft is modernizing the developer interface to cope up with the rapid changing technologies and techniques used in the industry.

We are really excited about Microsoft’s announcement on the General Availability of SharePoint Framework that helps our administrators and developers build and deploy webparts that are used by O365 users in the production interface.

Product Motion

As you know, the SharePoint Framework Developer Preview was out in August 2016, there were great contributions from the SharePoint Community. At Microsoft Ignite Event, you probably might have heard a lot about SharePoint Framework as it was one of the top mentioned topics on Social Media (Twitter).

The SharePoint Community contributions towards the growing SharePoint Framework has always been strong with lots of blog posts on the techniques and tools exploring areas for building parts. Hey, there are over 30 code samples live in GitHub where most of them were built by SharePoint Community.


The React-Multipage (Poll) web part

SharePoint Webparts

If you see the changes that took place in a span of 3 months, there were 6 distinct updates to the SharePoint Framework that includes various fixes and features based on the developer feedback in the SharePoint Community in Github.

So What’s next?

By next week or so, the SharePoint Framework General Availability release will be available for all the O365 tenancies. Once this is done, Microsoft will continue to restate on SharePoint Framework – working on improvements and fixes by taking the Community feedback. Let’s wait for the future updates based on Microsoft’s product map which includes new development scenarios and on-prem support. We will have to wait for latest SharePoint Framework capabilities and extensions.

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