SharePoint Intranet for School Districts: What is the Best Solution?

25 May 2017 | Sara Lomax

Every organization has unique needs in an intranet; so when a school district in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came to us for a SharePoint intranet upgrade, we were excited to take on the challenge.

The Philadelphia school district identified three main organizational goals:

  1. Streamline employee communication
  2. Organize document management
  3. Drive employee’s self-service HR usage

We got to work customizing Dock intranet portal to be the perfect tool for a school district.

Dock Intranet Portal Home Page

Screenshot of Dock Intranet Portal Homepage

Streamlining Communication

Streamlining employee communication starts with your company’s intranet. It’s not enough for your SharePoint intranet to have the features that help manage these communications, they also have to be beautiful and easy-to-use. Dock’s communication channels are perfect for streamlining communication because of our superior user experience.

We understand that convincing employees to adopt a new technology is difficult, so we worked hard to make the transition as easy as possible. With a beautiful user interface, intuitive usability and a thorough training program, we make sure that every user of Dock is comfortable and happy using their brand new custom SharePoint intranet.

Document Management

Every industry runs on documents—invoices, planning documents, policies and procedures, order forms and countless other documents have to be accessed and edited by employees across your entire team. Thanks to technological advancements, you no longer need to have several filing cabinets packed to the brim with papers that will inevitably get disorganized and messy.

SharePoint’s document management features could change the way you think about document management but due to SharePoint’s difficult user interface, many businesses like the Philadelphia school district don’t bother trying it out. With every Dock implementation, we give your team a simple way to store and access every document.

Human Resources

One of the Philadelphia school districts top priority in a custom SharePoint intranet was a way to drive employees’ ability to manage some of their or HR tasks. Dock’s employee self-service portal empowers employees to manage many things like their benefits and paid time off requests in the same space where they handle all of their other processes. 

Adapting SharePoint intranet to your industry can seem intimidating, we get it. The SharePoint experts at Dock have experience working with every industry and are excited to take on your business’ unique challenge. Are you ready to get on the path to growing your company with organization and efficiency? Contact the SharePoint experts at Dock today!​

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