SharePoint Training - Where to Start with Microsoft SharePoint

12 Jun 2017 | Sara Lomax

Every SharePoint user starts day one looking forward to the day their company is reaping the rewards of streamlined collaboration. However day one for most users looks the same: excitement for the prospects, confusion with SharePoint’s interface and then going straight to Google to find SharePoint training and tutorials.

Dock is intranet built on SharePoint, but it doesn’t look like SharePoint. Alleviate the need for SharePoint training by using an out-of-the-box solution to do the busy work for you. The SharePoint experts at Dock will learn what your business needs and bring you a customized, beautiful SharePoint intranet that is so easy to use your team won’t need to outsource SharePoint training.


SharePoint Training

Here are a few often-overlooked first steps that to make sure that your team is 100% ready to adopt to SharePoint from day 1 and keep using it indefinitely:

Make Your SharePoint Intranet Beautiful

This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of companies hurry past customization and enhancements of their SharePoint’s appearance in favor of focusing on functionality. Of course, the functionality of your SharePoint environment is important, but you’re going to have a hard time convincing your employees to use SharePoint every day if it doesn’t look beautiful and easy to understand.

Beautiful intranet is Dock’s specialty. With customized intranet from Dock, you will have a beautiful intranet that is branded to your business in just a few weeks. Your intranet will feel like home with your company’s color and logos.

Create a Strong Information Architecture Plan

This one can seem a little obvious as well, but you must not overlook it. Establishing an information architecture plan means deciding where everything will be stored. When you move into a new office space, you need to decide to put the paper somewhere obvious or none of your employees will restock the printer. The same goes for SharePoint, you need to put the information in a logical place or none of your employees will try to find it. Convince your team to use SharePoint by making it easy for them.

Don’t muddle through this planning alone. Consult with our SharePoint experts who can show you the industry organization standards and help adopt them to your businesses individual needs.

Train your Team with Videos

A lot of employee training can happen like a classroom. Someone stands up in front of a group of people and explains how to use SharePoint. The trick to training your team to understand and appreciate SharePoint is to show them your new intranet in action.

With Dock’s training videos, your team will never have to wonder how to use their SharePoint intranet. Show them how to use all of Dock’s most amazing features by letting them watch videos and follow along.

Keep up with Your Team

This one is tricky. Don’t just hand your team an intranet and expect them to adopt their day-to-day work habits to it. Ask your team to provide input about what they need. Make sure that the decisions about your customized SharePoint intranet are based on the habits of the people using the program instead of just using standardized features.

The SharePoint experts at Dock will help you understand which features your team needs (and which ones they don’t) and pre-configure your customized SharePoint intranet completely for your team.

Ready to see Dock in action? Schedule a demo with our SharePoint experts to learn how Dock will transform your team.