The Road Realities – How can you support your Sales Team with Technology?

09 Dec 2016 | Sajin Sahadevan

Your Sales Champs brings the products and services into the new markets, diversify customers and boost existing relationships. They have been helping your business grow-more than ever.

Doing their jobs on-the-go, it may prove difficult without using the right productivity tools right? So, how do you really know if they have what they require? First, understand the common issues that they face. Whether it is hosting meetings, collaboration with colleagues, meeting the deadlines etc. you need to make sure that they are equipped with the right tools for success.

Checkout the 4 productivity features which often strikes business travelers while on-the-go:

#1: Don’t forget to save files from Company Server before travel

The secure file access must not be a privilege for internal employees only. Being able to access the company server to get important stuff is a basic requirement for all jobs. But for employees who are on-the-go, it’s going to be tough for them to access data anytime, anywhere. Whether in a hotel lobby or café, they got to be able to connect via Wi-Fi and get work done. When company documents are stored in the cloud securely, your colleagues will be able to continue with business as usual, from anywhere and anytime.

#2: Will time impact on day-to-day communications?

For Sales Champs, productivity is dependent on flawless communication and collaboration with in-office team. Without having face-to-face interactions with colleagues, employees may feel disconnected sometimes-and the ability for connecting in various ways is a game changer for sure. Secure Video Conferencing (Skype for Business) and messaging tools can remove the communication gap, allowing the business travelers to chat with colleagues and fix online meetings on-the-go.

#3: Successful collaboration while in another location?

It’s all about Teamwork. Teamwork..teamwork and teamwork – It’s an inevitable element to any business whether your colleagues are on travel or in a conference room. The Top-level management have to consider the value of current technology where the business travelers can work easily by creating and sharing documents in real time. These features will help the team for accomplishing tasks and meeting deadlines all together, from any device and anywhere! With the technology to share and collaborate remotely, it has become much easier now.

#4: Oops! Lost internet connection – What do I do now?

Sales Team often travels during the business hours. While on a bus/train or miles in the air, your Sales Champ got to have access to emails, building sales presentation decks and meeting the deadlines. However, technology may falter and employees may lose internet connectivity for a minute or even hours. That’ where they could rely on the tools where it can save the work (docs, presentations, emails) onto the hard-drive when office and gets uploaded when internet is active. So, when they are offline, they will be able to compose drafts, read emails (Microsoft Outlook), edit files – making work happen! Productivity of your traveling colleagues is proportionate to the technology which supports them. Being a business leader, you got to provide the technology which helps them do their work while on-the-go.

What to do next?

There is a great power within your Office 365 (If you have one and its really important) which is lying unnoticed, all you got to do is deep dive inside and find the legs that is required to have. In context to the above, what we do at Dock is that we have created a fantastic pre-built portal called Dock Intranet Portal that transforms your out-of-the-box SharePoint Environment to a centralized collaboration hub ensuring 100% collaboration and communication within your organization.

Enjoy both Office 365 and Dock Intranet Portal features to boost productivity and collaboration for your business!