We have some SharePoint Intranet Samples to Show!

22 Dec 2016 | Sajin Sahadevan

What is Microsoft SharePoint? What good it can do for my organization? What are the advantages over DropBox and other document repositories? Lots of these questions always pop up during our personal discussions and client meetings. Well, seeing a picture is worth 1000 words. So, in this blog, I thought of sharing couple of SharePoint site examples that we have created for our flagship product “Dock Intranet Portal” essentially showing the SharePoint capabilities. Follow me: -

SharePoint Intranet Examples


That’s a perfect example for SharePoint Intranet Homepage. This site is the starting point for your colleagues for navigating to other/departmental sites in Microsoft SharePoint environment. It is a perfect idea for adding content which is common to all in the organization (i.e. my tools, My Favorites, Upcoming Events, Employee Directory, Yammer, Image Slider etc.).

Dock HomePage

Human Resources Site

Example for Human Resources Site. You can organize documents through views and document libraries. You will be able to embed videos which could be amazing for the HR Teams! You will be able to manage Candidates for Interviews, Job requirements, Benefits, Payroll, Leave Application, Travel Requests too! Great isn’t it?

Human Resources Portal - Dock

Information Technology

Example for Information Technology Site in SharePoint. You will be able to use out-of-the-box tickets/issues features for tracking IT tickets. Also customize with views and metadata according to your desire! Notifications can be enabled through SharePoint alerts.

Information Technology Portal - Dock

Sales Department

A Mini Sales CRM is sweet isn’t it? All your Sales team can work on their leads and opportunities to move ahead wisely. Sales Analytics/Dashboard is linked to Microsoft Power BI for seamless performance.

Sales Portal - dock


We can setup Projects Portal in SharePoint. The example shown below helps you track the current/lapsed projects with different content from multiple sites such as tasks, documents etc.

Who said managing projects is difficult? Not anymore with SharePoint as it is absolutely fantastic! You will be able to manage Project Tasks, Issue Lists, Project Calendar, Project Contact, Project Reports​.

Projects Portal Dashboard

Projects Portal 2


This was one of our client’s requirement. An in-house e-store for their employees so they can purchase stuff with ease! I’m just loving it!

Store - dock


Well, that's it for now. There's more portals like Marketing, Training, Operations. Want to have a quick demo? Call us today at (904) 903-4475 or drop an email to info@mydock365.com

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