What new SharePoint features to expect this year?

28 Mar 2017 | Sajin Sahadevan

We had a great 2016 with couple of exciting updates from Microsoft. What to expect for 2017? Let’s check out the possible features for this year:

On 26th September 2016, Microsoft had lot of SharePoint-specific announcements and the most important was the feature pack for SharePoint 2016 at Microsoft Ignite Conference. SharePoint mobile apps for Android and Windows and SharePoint Team Sites to Office 365 Group were also additional features spoken during the event.

Microsoft’s vision towards mobile-first, cloud-first platform is outstanding as people can access information from anywhere, any time and from any device. SharePoint being one of the leading collaboration platform realizes that an app is only as good as its acceptance rate. Well, there is no going back if you start using Microsoft SharePoint and other Office 365 tools because they are user-friendly and reliable!

Okay, let’s get back to the possible features for this year:

Team – News

SharePoint Teams


This is going to be great! With this new feature, your team will get updated on company news and project highlights. In short, it looks more like a blog dedicated for your SharePoint Team site! Team members can update on their projects, policy updates, important announcements etc. Latest team news get published on the team site homepage.

However, with the launch of Microsoft Teams, this could probably be an integration with Microsoft SharePoint. We need to wait further to see on the possibilities.


OneDrive Enhancements

OneDrive Upgrades


This was one of the key topics in SharePoint announcements during the Microsoft Ignite 2016 event. The proposed enhancements for OneDrive are:

  1. Ability for the Microsoft SharePoint users for syncing SharePoint Online Libraries (This feature was launched last month and should be available for all O365 customers).
  2. New Activity Center for monitoring file sync process – which provides users with file info and the synchronization procedure.
  3. OneDrive browser experience – Ability to access entire SharePoint Online Folders and Files. Users will be able to get access, edit and share files to others.
  4. OneDrive to provide native support for other file types – This was a major requirement for graphic designers/UI designers where they wanted preview for Adobe files. Microsoft is coming up with OneDrive’s ability to preview Adobe Photoshop Files without downloading them and then opening them.
  5. Extending the Scan function to handle multiple photos.
  6. Secure and manage OneDrive with enhancements for IT pros.

Mobile App – SharePoint

SharePoint Mobile App

We all were excited during the SharePoint mobile app launch in June 2016. Initially, it come out only for iOS platform but now it’s widely available on Android and Windows 10 Phones.

It’s true that the mobile app has limitations, it helps us to work on basic SharePoint functionalities like site navigations, browsing through recent activities, user information and files that they are working on etc. In coming months, we should be able to witness extended features like accessing SharePoint document libraries and editing documents.


People cards



Well, the new addition to SharePoint is people cards. This is a brief info about users (you might have seen people cards in Outlook) where you will be able to see the user information without leaving the solution. Currently, Microsoft is making these additions to SharePoint Online Team Sites, lists, libraries and of course, OneDrive for Business. You can click on the name for displaying the user’s people card. It includes the contact information, designation of the user, user groups and the documents that he/she has accessed recently.


2016 was the year for Microsoft in terms of Innovations and updates for SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint online. You may read about further intelligence and collaboration in Office 365 for more information. We hope to see lot many features over the year. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and let’s wish the Microsoft SharePoint Feature Pack 2 comes out soon!

Image Courtesy: blogs.office.com

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