Dock was born from the expert minds at Global Infonet.After building custom SharePoint intranets for 15 years, we realized that the vast majority of our clients all needed variations of the same thing.

We put those years of in-the-field research into creating Dock, a premade but customizable SharePoint intranet.

Not sure if Dock is right for your team? That's okay! Dock is a perfect fit for most of our clients, but we understand that some larger or more unique enterprise businesses may benefit from the investment in a fully custom-built SharePoint intranet.

You may require unique portals for specialized, industry-specific teams, a completely different information structure, automation for highly-specialized business process or some other unique quality in their intranet.

With Dock, there's no reason to worry. Get in touch with our SharePoint intranet experts, they'll get to know your business and it's needs and give you a quick consultation. We'll work with you to build the custom SharePoint intranet of your dreams while still maintaining the simplicity and ease-of-use that comes with Dock.

Ready to learn more? Contact the experts at Dock today.


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