SharePoint Intranet for Your Whole Team

Deployed Quickly And Easily

In our 15 years' experience building company-wide intranets for enterprise clients we found one questions that every client in every industry asks: How long will this take?
We heard that question loud and clear.We made sure that the implementation process for Dock is as short and sweet as possible while still allowing all the customization you need.

Here Is Our Step-By-Step Road Map To Success With Your Intranet

We Get To Know You

We take some time to learn how you want to work within your brand new intranet. That means understanding how your team works and what your needs are. We'll assess your current technology and your existing SharePoint environment.


By the end of weeks two and three we're testing out your Dock intranet in-house. Our experts will use your Dock and check it thoroughly to make sure that everything is working how it should be. Then we pass it off to you and you do the same.

We Get The Ball Rolling

We don't waste any time, during week two we get your project in motion. We start working with your marketing or branding team to make sure that your Dock feels like home for your team. We start migrating your existing data and work out your roll-out strategy. By the end of week two we know exactly what your department leaders need in their portals and we've finalized all your design features.

Final Steps

During weeks 5 and 6 you report back. Tell us what you loved and what you didn't love and we'll make the final fixes on Dock. You'll get it deployed out to your whole team and we'll close out the project on our end and move into ongoing maintenance.

It's that simple.
With Dock, you'll have your company-wide intranet running in about a month.
Ready to start on the path to success?
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