Dock comes with a jam-packed host of features out of the box. With a little collaboration between your team and ours, we customize Dock to be exactly the intranet you need.

Easy to Use

Dock intranet is designed with the users in mind. It’s easy to understand, with simple navigation and intuitive organization. Your users will never waste time searching for missing files again.


SharePoint’s easiest out-of-the-box feature is document management. Dock elevates your SharePoint to a full-fledged intranet with a host of features that can be customized for your team’s needs.


With over 15 years of experience working with businesses like yours, we’re not just SharePoint experts, we’re enterprise productivity experts. We’ll be with you every step of the way from planning to deployment to make sure you have the intranet of your dreams.

Document Management

SharePoint is built on the tenets of document management. We elevate SharePoint’s document management capabilities to the next level by pre-organizing storage areas for each of your teams and projects and helping to make sure that every document is searchable.

News and Announcements

Dock’s news and announcements feature gives your business a private company-wide news blog. Share exciting news with your whole team in an easy-to-update platform where your team can like, comment and share articles just like in the social media they already use.


Dock with SharePoint and Office 365 works wherever you are. Take your intranet on the go with a beautiful platform that works as well on your phone at the beach as it does on your computer in your office.

Employee Directory

Dock has a uniquely beautiful and powerful employee handbook. Your employees’ information is automatically imported. It’s easy to search, beautiful and full-featured.

Internal App Market

Our internal app market is where all your integrations will be set up. Set up integration with the applications you’re already using, like SalesForce and Yammer, and then access them right from your home page.

Departmental Portals

Empower collaboration among every one of your teams.Dock's departmental portals provide a place for each team to communicate and collaborate on projects. Internally share documents, lists and plans within your intranet. Departmental portals create a virtual shared office space with documents, news, calendars and discussion space.

Dock's Portals

Human Resources Portal

Dock’s powerful HR portal consolidates and organizes many of the time-consuming, vital processes your HR team carries out every day. Your HR team can respond to PTO requests, manage benefits related documents, track the newest versions of benefits and handbook documents, and many more features. Integrated workflows mean that Dock’s SharePoint intranet will streamline processes for your HR team every day.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees to manage many of their own tasks independently. Your employees will be able to view their payroll and benefits, request time off, view their handbook and FAQs and handle their own training in the same place which they do the rest of their work.

Training Portal

Simply and easily update and manage your training documents and videos for new employees and for continuous employee education. Always track the newest versions of all your digital contents so no new team member will ever accidentally get trained with outdated information. Dock’s training calendar will help you to track training schedules for your whole team.

Finance Portal

Role-based access means that only the team members that should have access to each portal can view their contents. The finance portal manages contracts, taxes and compliance-based information.

Project Portal

Keep track of your projects with timesheets, milestones, calendars and document storage. Say goodbye to email chains to multiple people with countless versions of project documents and hello to organized, efficient projects.

Sales Portal

Dock’s sales portal is a mini-CRM that helps your sales team manage and collaborate on contacts, leads and opportunities. Track every communication from introduction to closure, with Dock’s easy-to-use sales portal including a sales-only calendar and document library.

Marketing Portal

Monitor marketing campaigns and keep all your marketing collateral in one place. Marketing lists make it easy for your marketing team to stay organized and support your sales team. Monitor marketing insights with data to improve automation and integration processes.

IT Portal

Dock’s IT portal alleviates many of the time-consuming processed of your IT team by providing an easy-to-find FAQ section for your employees and using a ticket-based system for your users to request help. The IT team will have their own library to manage tutorials and guidelines for every one of their processes.

Special Portals

Dock is constantly growing and creating more specialized portals for specific industries and businesses like our policies and procedures portal for financial institutions and our portal for managing small inventory.

Other Features

Locations management

Create an informational page for each location of your business for visiting and new employees including directions to the office, accommodation information and location-specific news and documents

Travel Authorization

One of our many pre-configured workflows creates a simple place for your employees to request travel authorization in the click of a button.

Urgent Alerts

An alert on the home page that can be updated instantly and marked for urgency, featured front-and-center for all your employees to see.

Customizable Sliders

Showcase the most important information for your employees in the beautiful slider at the top of the page. It can be easily updated to create a moving billboard for your company.

Workflows & Business Process Automation

SharePoint’s full nature means that you can create custom workflows for all of your most common and complicated processes.

Looking for more features?

Our intranet specialist will help you get all the features you need!

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