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Bringing in Project Collaboration with O365 Groups


Good morning everyone, this is Sajin with you on Dock training web series. Today I will be explaining or demonstrating on some of the good features on Project management collaboration with O365 groups.

Now I know everyone has got an O365 account. We all have right, there are like 55 million people using O365 in the US. But you know 80% of them are like confined to just using their email- just opening, closing them up, and deleting it that’s it. But O365 has a lot to offer, apart from the SharePoint Online, that’s what we call it as Dock, we have built up. We have already made and trying portal solution out of the O365 SharePoint Online.

Now what I am going to explain to you is the O365 groups which is already there on your outlook, the web based outlook of O365. So I am going to go through it and show you what all you will be able to achieve with the theme, terms of collaboration effort. So you see, this is my e-mail right. And on my left hand side, there is a tab called “Groups”, so what all you need to do is go and click or create and start adding a new group.

Just call a name, add a description, you can also specify privacy if you want to make it private or public and the language, obviously the language is there, and then you can subscribe new members, as they receive group conversations in the inbox. Then you click on create, you have a new group created.

So I have created a new group “Team Dock” and I have 10 members in this, where I can just go ahead and start a new conversation. So I have something important to plan out with my team, I just go ahead and post the requirement. I have already 2 posts and when you post all the members present in the group receives an e-mail and also gets a notification. They can act on it immediately, as simple as that.

That is my documents over here. I can also share it, I mean everyone in the group has access to it. I can also further share it to someone else by clicking on the share button and the usual process. I can go ahead and add, I can invite people to this, I can get a copy of this document, I can also get a link, I can also pin my favourite document, and it shows up here. So that is about the documents tab.

So I have covered conversations, calendar, and files. Let’s go click on “Notebook”. Notebook is nothing but it is integrated with your OneNote where you will be able to, let us talk about project management point of view since I mentioned about project management in the beginning.

Now based on your projects or random meetings based on your projects, you need to track your minutes or probably you had an R&D session. I don’t have to waste time calling them, everything is already in there groups tab of O365. So I am just going to click on new conversation and I am just showing an example. So I click on send. The left hand top shows us the new one. So that’s how it differentiates with the old post. And everyone gets a notification. This is the conversation tab, now there is something called calendar, where all my meetings, everything is all there here in the calendar. This is the same thing what we have for Outlook. So I can go ahead and create a new calendar inventory, birthday, manual and all, anything I can do, takes place over here.

Now I go to files, so when I go the files it goes directly to the SharePoint interface. Obviously you have a SharePoint online interface within your O365. Now this is Team Dock notes, so what we do is we have meeting minutes recorded. We have research, R&D’s, UI related discussions or future updates. What I have done is I have created four tabs over here. I can go ahead and track my main minutes over here. I can even draw, record a voice note, everything is there.

So if you have a surface or a tablet this is going to be a great feature. You can go and jot down whatever you want. You can draw on it and have whatever you want to record for, everything goes in this team notebook.

What’s next, let’s see what “Connect” got to offer us. Connect is nothing but you will be able to connect some of the applications with the group site basically. If you want you can build a connectors by yourself or you know there are lots of connectors available, so you can add or send and receive messages or tweets. It’s got Twitter, Bing, Trello etc. So there are a couple of apps that’s available within this. You also have the Dynamic CRM, so you can link this as well. There’s a couple of them as you see. Maybe you can just go ahead and try it out today or explore and see which is good for you. I also see some marketing applications as well. So you can add them here. So that’s it about Project management collaboration with O365 group.

I am pretty sure this is something that we all have to start using. MS Office is a very good platform, surely you need to leverage this feature. It is already there in your O365. All you need is start using it.

Good luck everyone, I am sure you are going two make good use of it. I am going to come up with more and more videos in the future, so stay tuned, have a great day.