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Now: Dock - Sales Dashboard - Powered by Microsoft Power BI

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Dock - Sales Dashboard - Powered by Microsoft Power BI

I am here with another video, for Power BI which is a fantastic tool for the analytics that is powered by Microsoft.

So what we have done is we have integrated Power BI with SharePoint and I am just going to show you how it is going to work. It is a fantastic tool we have integrated with the sales module. Let us go ahead and see how it looks like. That is the screen we have under sales, we have created the dashboard, which is pretty much interesting for the sales team. They will be able to track the entire sales overview.

We have done this for a client, where they are into fashion stores of apparels where they will be able to track what is the kind of stages, they have on the different stores across the United States. So if you see here, we have a store sales overview.

This is something like we have created and on the dashboard and also I will be able to see, probably can just click over here. I can have a larger overview of what is happening here and also I have total sales mirror.

If you see here, we can create different analytics or kind of charts that should be beneficial for sales team. So that is how Power BI integrated analytics or kind of dashboard that we have created for Dock. So as simple as that, so if you see here on the screen, I have the mouse overhaul and I can see what kind of details I can fetch in from the reports.

So it is all there, so that is what we have created. You can see it on the screen. So I have more and more details. You can see I have created district managers, sales by store, number of needs. You can see here, I can fetch in per store how many operations, what kind of revenue has been generated, also I can compare with my previous years or this year sales. Those kind of details, I will be able to capture using this tool analysis.

As you can see here, it is very much flexible, it is very compatible something which you can also access through your mobile devices as well. Probably this is something that is a wonderful tool that you should be having and this is the best tool that you can have in Dock, our product powered by SharePoint and Office365.

Thank you for watching and have a great day.