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HR Portal Video by Sajin


Good Morning Everyone, this is Sajin with you from Dock Training Web Series. It’s been a while I’ve come up with some videos. I am showcasing one of the interesting features that we have, the Human Resources Portal in Dock. This is our HR Portal page where you have Employee Directory, you have candidates where you will be able to find out the resumes of your candidates who’s come up for your interviews or maybe scheduled ones in the future. It has jobs where you can go ahead and add in some of the job requirements, what positions has been offered, the current requirement for an organization. It has Benefits Documents and PTO request as well. I have done a video earlier on leave applications and travel requests, you can check it out from our website – www.mydock365.com/videos.

These are the features that we have for our Human Resources portal. I’m gonna go ahead and click on jobs and see what we have. So this is our jobs portal where I can find details of the Job Descriptions or the designations with the Job Descriptions and the job location. So basically I can capture what are the kind of job requirements or what are the requirements I need for the organization. Then I can go ahead and save it over here for my entire team to look in and probably can recommend their friends or colleagues. Also they can probably send out campaign and probably post any HR requirements on other job portals. Okay, so let’s try one and see how it works. I’m gonna go and click on “New”. This is the new item and I’m going to enter a new job requirement. I can also change the status as Active/Inactive. U can enter the job location; job type as Full Time/Part Time. Also, I can enter the Salary and go ahead and upload attachments like CV, images, photographs whatever it is. I’ll go ahead and save this.

So, now I have got it saved here and I have the new job requirement which I posted right now. I can also delete it from here or go back and edit or even click on view more to see more information on this posting.

That’s all about the HR Portal – Job Portal and job listing feature that we can do in the Human Resources Portal of Dock.

I hope you enjoyed this video. I’ll come up with more and more videos in the future. So stay tuned! Thank you and have a great day!