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dock Training Web-Series - Training Video Portal

Today I will be showcasing our training video portal which is a fantastic tool, that we have it in Dock intranet portal.

You will be able to upload videos or training videos. It is upto you and you can upload different videos and you can categorize them based on the channels and also view them, something like YouTube. So it is a very interesting tool that we have for today. So I am going ahead and going to show it to you.

So go to the training and go to videos, so I have a couple of videos here and now I can go search for, it is already categorised based on the video. I am just going to click on channels to show how it is going to work. So we have different channels here and let us go to community, I will be able to see the videos based on that, so these videos they belong to community channel.

I also have the company meetings, the video is long here as well. So that is the portal I want to showcase to you. So if I want to create a new channel, give it a name, let us call it Dock Web Series and I can choose the colour, I pick violet, click “Create”. So there you go, I created a channel and there is Dock web series as you can see on the screen.

So there is the Dock web series channel. So we do not have any videos right now, so I am going to upload one video. Let us go ahead and upload. I am going to show you how to upload videos.

Click on “Upload”, you can select the channel where to upload my videos. Let us upload Dock web series. You can add or drag them from your desktop or from folders. Now let us go the other way around and I am going upload it from my videos folder.

Now let us go the other way around and I am going to upload it from my videos folder. I am going to upload a video straight from here, so it is something like YouTube if you see here. I am uploading the video and I just have a column for description, it is done by Mike or Brad.

And then I have the videos over here. Let us go ahead and click on them and display it. Meanwhile I upload that one. If you see here, people related to this video been playing here. I can adjust the quality, I can also work on the volume. It is as simple as that. And then I can also make it fullscreen, like YouTube.

I can edit the description, which channel it belongs to, uploaded by which user, on which date and how many views. That is what I mentioned YouTube. Also I can add more descriptions, I can also connect it with Yammer to capture comments from other users. I can also embed this video, I can also go ahead and shoot out an email. I can also capture the statistics for the video. Probably the viewer trends, and also have the related videos been displayed as well.

So that is a fantastic feature right. That is it from my side from today, and thank you for watching, Goodbye.