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Managing Alerts in Dock Intranet Portal


Hey folks, welcome to this edition of the Dock training web series. In this video, I am going to continue speaking about the items you will find on the Dock home page. Today the topic is going to be about the alert bar.

So in your usage of the Dock intranet portal you may find from time to time it is necessary to post an alert, you know, quick one line update advising the users of somethings coming up and may enact them. In some way it could be used in many fashions. So for you to be able to do that, you need to understand how to use the alerts bar. So that is what I am going to speak of. So we have our Dock demo instance up as always and you will see right here under the content rotator, we have our purple alerts bar.

Right here, it says alert and we have an alert present at the moment, advising us of an application update and that is the information provides to us. So what are we going to do to update this alert bar? So say we want to change our alert. We have 1 alert active at a time. So logically all we need to do is just edit the current work and provide updated information. That is what we are going to do. You see we have a pencil here. Click on that, this is our alerts. This is the edit item interface for an alert.

You see we only have three fields here- title, description, display status. Title is exactly what is displayed on the homepage. This is the only thing we need to usually see. So we can update this list with the most appropriate values. Say, we have another update coming up. Change the month and the day and the time. That is what you usually see.

Description is for administration eyes only, to keep track of whatever you want to say about the specific alert going out. Of course if we want to display it on the home page, we keep the check box checked for the display status as with other Dock item functionalities. Display status determines whether it is displayed or not on the home page.

We are going ahead and go save this. Wait for our page to load, and once our alerts bar crops up, we are immediately able to see that it is reflected our changes. So we just change the date and time of our Dock application update and now it is November vs September last time, we saw it. And that is it, easy as pie.

Right here, just click the edit button, enter the new information save it and you are good. That is how you are going to manage that. It is very convenient and we hope you have a great time using it.

Thanks for watching the video. We will see you next time.