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Now: dock Web-Series - Working on "My Favorites"

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Hello guys, welcome to this edition of the dock training web series. In this video I will be explaining the working of “My favorites” section.


Now this is real simple widget to use and understand and use effectively I'm going to show you how to do so. So with that being said I have my mouse over here on the right side of your screen near the center and I’m hovering over the “my favorites” area. Currently I have followed three documents, one word document and excels. We are going to follow that document and let me show you what I mean by that.


So before we do anything with my favorites section itself, I’m going to scroll down to the quick downloads at the bottom right and I’m going to go ahead and open this document library right or can be more. Now that this is just one example of a document library you can do this with any document you find doesn't have to be quick downloads.


So right here we have a list of documents, as expected, this is a document library. Now I’m going to choose one of these to follow and you'll find that we have a couple ways to do this. So I want to follow this sales report, okay. So I’ve checked this file (the checkbox).


Now first thing you could do is come up to the top left, expand the files ribbon and click follow, or if we dismiss the ribbon and we open the context menu, expand again and go down to the advanced menu, we also have the option to follow here and that's what I’ll do I’ll go ahead and click on follow.

If you see right up your top right we get a little notification on under our name and that shows us that we're not following that document. That's going to be reflected in my favorites. So we're going to reload the homepage and voila, there's our sales report right at the top of our favorites list as the most recent one that we've followed.

So that is how you add something to my favorites list. If you have more than four here and there's not like there's a limit, just the most recent for will show up here. You can always click “view more” and it will show you the entire list.

So here's the entire my favorite documents list going to go ahead and reload the homepage once more. Now if you no longer like to have a document followed, you just have the simple option to click little down thumb, the dislike button, over here on the right.

So I’m done with the sales report, we've moved on, we don't need this any longer. So, click on the little icon here “thumbs down button”. You see that that's an instantaneous operation, just pulled that document right out from my favorites list and if we click view more, not there any longer.


That's really it and see it's quite simple to understand I hope you have a good time using it. If you have any further questions we're here for you with the rest of our web training series videos and we'll see you next time. Thanks a lot.