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Working on SharePoint Document Libraries


Today I am going to explain about document libraries that is SharePoint’s most recommended feature. Obviously that is why you are choosing SharePoint right? So right now what you see on the screen is one of the folders, Engineering and there is a couple of documents over there.

Now for the previous users or existing users of SharePoint who have not seen the latest view, you don’t have to panic. Oh my god, what is it like? Some new kind of interface! I’m kind of lost. Well, you don’t have to worry. Just have to go to return to classic SharePoint and you will be able to get the old interface, what you have been using earlier, so you will be able to revert.

I would like to advise you to get adapted to the latest one, because it is pretty cool, lots and lots of features, everything is more contextual, and it is more integrated now. So I am just going to go ahead and edit here. So I am just ticking or selecting it over here, so this is how it works. I am pretty sure, old version there was a ribbon to be seen but now it is not there .Now I just have a bar at the top just like the Windows, so everything is over there and let us go ahead and see how I will go ahead and update metadata of this item. So tick over here, what I do is I can see more information.

I click over there, now what you can see is you can see view of the document and also how the properties, so either go ahead and edit from here directly or just click on edit to update the entire metadata. So click on edit, it goes down to the page where the items I can just go ahead and plug in new values. Go back, let’s see another feature.

I would like to tell you is this is kind of a replacement for the Ellipsis which means the 3 button you can see here. It is kind of a replacement for that, so it is pretty good. So that’s the way we edit metadata and I hope you come across this.

See I can drag through the documents if I want to have a bulk edit, I can just go ahead and drag same like you do in the Windows Explorer system. I will be able to do that, select and also you know that’s it. It is pretty good, I will be able to edit. I can also click on quick edit, so I will be able to do that. It is very straightforward, pretty good, I like this feature Microsoft has come up with.

What about adding a new item right, so if I want to have a new feature, I do not have to move it from this page, it is all there. So I click on the ”+” sign and then I have an option you know, what kind of field I need to have. So I go ahead and add one.

Click and create a field called category and see I have not moved from its page, it is all there, so that is one good thing I can do. So I will be able to group files directly based on kind of query that I can. So what I can do is I can categorise or group by “modified by”. What happens is the documents get modified by time.

Also you will be able to come across various others, like column settings. So if I click on show or hide columns it is all there. It is pretty easy. I can go ahead and select one of the features I need to apply or hide or show. So it is all here, I can do it from here. So that is one of the features I wanted to show and so let us see the next feature.

I just have the common mouse hover and I get the entire details, let’s move to next one. I hope you have seen all the documents view. How about going to the title view, that is much better right. So click on tiles, you get a very beautiful page. It looks really nice. If I want to pin it to top, you can select the files click on pin to top. So the document shows up there.

So that’s it from my side, thank you very much for watching and I will be coming up with more and more videos. Stay tuned.