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Now: How to work on the Content Rotator (Image Slider) ?

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How to work on the Content Rotator (Image Slider) ?

 Hello and welcome again to this edition of the Dock web training series. Today we are going to be looking at how to manage your content rotator.

So right here, we have the Dock instance up on the screen. You will notice right front and centre that takes up your attention and main eye piece of the page is your content rotator. Now, this widget hoses the most important front and centre stories that you want your users to see when they log into Dock. So as you see, right when you come into the landing page, right here and they can immediately see it.

So we are going to walk through how do we manage what gets shown here and use it to its full capability to be productive and efficient. So, to start, let us just talk about exactly what it does on a more technical sense.

So we have a picture that is going to be floating to the left here. We have a title for the story and a description. A description is the full text that is going to be associated with whatever content is been displayed at the moment and see, we can have multiple stories active at one time.

Scroll to the next one here, and it shows that there is another picture, different stories, got its own title, it has got its own description. So what I am going to do now is show you how to create a new story for the content rotator.

Click “Add New” button. This brings us to the new item interface. Let us give it a title, some description, and let us select our image. So we are going to click the link here and this is going to bring up the edit image properties dialog.

Now in this screen, all you have to do is select your image, click “Browse”. You see we have a selector here and we have an image right here waiting for us, so we will click on this. It will come down to the bottom right, click “Insert”

Once you click insert see it populates the URL of the selected image. Now if you want to mess with the dimensions of the image, you have all the standard SharePoint options. Dock is powered by SharePoint, so we have anything that SharePoint supports.

But this image does not need anything fancy added onto it, so I am just going to click “Ok”. There is my image, so this is going to be the image displayed for the story.

So we have the title, description and display order, what does that mean. If you have multiple images Dock is going to display them, from the first image displayed to the last image displayed in the display order.

So right now we have images 1 and 2 already existing, so I am going to just put this as 3. If there is a conflict, it simply scrolls through them and by the most recent added. So we are going to go ahead and enter “3” here. Put this guy in the third slot.

Display status is a flag that determines whether the story is displayed on homepage or not. So we definitely want this guy to be displayed, so we will check that box and then we hit “Save”. So now we have three stories active- no 1, no 2 and no 3. Now we know how to add story to content rotator.

You can also edit it and delete it if necessary, right here from the landing page. So say if I wanted to add some more here or alter my image, I go in here and click edit. It brings you back to the same interface we were at before, so you can make your changes. So let us go ahead and expand our descriptions here.

After you make changes, come back down and click “Save” and it reloads the home page. And here we are back again, and we go to story no 3, see my changes are reflected here.

Now we come to the scenarios where the stories have run their course and we do not want them to be displayed on the landing page anymore. We also have the delete option appear as a little trash can.

So just to recap, trash can- delete, plus sign- new, pencil- edit. So go ahead and click delete, I get a confirmation dialog, “I am indeed sure, I would like to delete this item”. Click “Ok”. We refresh the page and we see that the item has indeed been deleted.

So there is only two original stories here. So that is it, it is very intuitive, easy to use and it can be a wonderful addition to help your employees maximise the potential of Dock.

Thanks for watching this edition and we will see you next time.