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Co-authoring Feature – Training


Hello and Welcome to this edition of the SharePoint training web series. I am going to demonstrate you the capability of collaborative editing in SharePoint.

The idea behind this been that users can cooperatively work on documents without having to go through the traditional check-in check-out process. Now what I mean by that is the traditional way of working with online documents is through check-in check-out system that means whoever is editing documents, time has a lock on it. No one else can do anything until they are done.

So several people need to contribute to a document or spreadsheet or something, a report, they have to wait for everyone in line to get their things done and that is not very efficient.

So what I mean by that, see we have the check-out option here in the SharePoint on the context menu in the document. Once you check out a document, you place a lock on that, no one else can make any edits same way that you are checking out a book at the library. You are basically taking that book out of the library where no one else can do anything with it until you are done with it, that is, the traditional improved things, both collaborative editing you don’t have to pass the document or spreadsheet around between each of your users, you can do it at the same time.

Now I am going to just demonstrate that with this word document here, that marketing brainstorm simulates a brainstorming session between two users. So I am signed in as Rob Young, one of our test users and we have another window that I am signed in as administrator, I am going to show in just a moment.

I am going to open the word document. It opens in view only mode in Word online and right now you are unable to make any edits. That is the default behaviour.

In order to make an edit on the document, click “Edit Document” from this context menu and we can edit it in browser which gives us the capability of editing in word online. So right now I am in edit mode, I have all of my controls available to me and I can work as normal. So if I make some edits here, it is working as normal and draw your attention to the top bar here, it will advise you of how it is saving your changes. It automatically send your edits as soon as possible to the server to minimise any potential for data loss. And that is a very good feature of the office online applications.

So I am going to do is take out this guy and then, I am going to pull up my other one window and I am going to put them side by side so that you could see how collaborative editing works, using a simulation to users.

In this guide to the side and over here on my right, I mentioned I am signed in as the administrator and I am going to open the exact same document that Rob Young is working on. So you see here, we have the exact document open and he is going into edit mode as well. Now you notice, as soon as he does this it will pop up with a notification right here, “Someone else is editing the document” and Rob Young gets the same notification and Notice, also that it does a good job of notifying you exactly what is going on with the other users, so it keeps track of where the cursors are. So in this scenario results are reflected on the page.

So as you see, it is really cool, neat kind of thing to do, especially in this kind of situation where you want a document done quickly and to make notes, make brainstorming sessions, keep meeting minutes, and that kind of idea and it is all made possible through the power of SharePoint. So I hope that really gives you a good understanding of the power of this and that is it for my video.

I will see you next time, thank you.