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Now: Site level Search Functionality in SharePoint Intranet

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Site Level Search Functionality

I am going to show you the search functionalities in SharePoint, which is a very interesting feature, you will be able to do a complete search inside SharePoint.

This is product Dock, which sits on top of Office365 or SharePoint online. It is an intranet portal, recommended by lots of SMBs across the region. So it is basically this search features are more of a SharePoint feature. I am going to just show it from here.

So I am going into sales right now. Let us say I have a sales person and he is going to go ahead and search on Dock or SharePoint intranet portal on this keyword. So I am going to search for Sales.

As you can see on my screen, we can also run a search on Yammer which is a social media platform for enterprise/ businesses basically built on Microsoft Office365. As you see, I have the sales search happened over here. If I click on the drop down I can see everything which means I can search for sales on each and every site, I can also search for in people, I can search on the conversation side and particular for the site.

I can drill down my search based on my environment. Let us say, if I searched for everything, so it is coming up on my site. You could see, it is over here in the site side, sales dashboard, and sales notebook. So you see over here, I have different searched happened over here.

I will be able to drill down myself based on the type of files. If you see here, result type can be an excel, image, pdf, ppt, web page, word or any other type of file that is present in my site. Also I will be able to drill down my search based on the author, which is basically the users you have in your SharePoint portal and also I will be able to do a modified search based on duration or dates. So I can do a search on that as well.

So like earlier than a month ago, it can refine your search. So that is basically the search functionality that I would that I would like to showcase. Thank you guys for watching and have a great day.