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Now: Six Benefits of SharePoint Intranet Portal for Marketing Teams

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The life of a marketer is a complex one whether working for a marketing firm or department within an organization. The fine-line of missing a deadline for your launch date is a thin one if you’re having issues with managing content or miscommunication between teams, especially if they’re working globally.

Often marketers schedule their campaigns a quarter ahead of go time, but if you’re suffering from last minute campaign launches, SharePoint intranet portal can change your life for the better. Dock can make your dreams come true using an intranet software that’s designed to your brand and easy-to-use SharePoint intranet portal templates to provide six effective benefits for your marketing teams.

We have a pre-built Offline Marketing Portal for Dock too! Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/4V7eSECDu1g