Customizable Nature

IT Portal - Background

Another stand out feature of Dock is our customizable nature. Many SharePoint intranets offer you light customizations, where you can input your logo and change the color theme with a pre built SharePoint template. Dock is proud to be completely customizable. We’ll help you pick out departmental portals for each of your team, update the appearance of your Dock, and get you completely set up for launch day.

Support with Free Training


We’ll continue to support you with free training throughout your subscription to Dock.

Compatible with Microsoft Updates

We’ll make sure that Dock is always compatible with Microsoft updates, as well as provide out own updates quarterly with new and improved features.

We Understand the Needs of Businesses Small and Large

At Dock, we’re a business just like yours. We understand the needs of businesses small and large, and work hard to create a product that is both helpful to and accessible by businesses of every size and in every industry. A small, 10-person manufacturing warehouse would not use the same exact intranet processes as a 5000-person accounting company with over 50 offices in over 10 states; so they shouldn’t pay the same amount either.