Asset Management System Powered by Office 365

Managing assets can be a difficult task for emerging businesses. When you have a long list of assets spread across different departments, trying to track them and get a detailed overview can become complicated. Dock 365's Asset Management System is developed to simplify that process so you can spend more time building your business.

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Features You Can Trust

User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to easily get an overview of the number of assets you have listed in each different category. You can also get a quick insight into the warranty status of assets in our user-friendly, intuitive dashboard.

Track Assets

Department and location fields make it easier for you to track down assets based on their characteristics. The filter option will also help you to get a custom list of assets based on your preferences.

Add Details to Assets

You'll be able to add all your assets to the system with complete details such as model number, asset type and status, warranty expiry date, and a brief description.

Assign Assets to Employees

You can assign assets to employees so that you understand who is handling which assets at what time. Being able to clearly assign assets to employees helps avoid unnecessary conflict and confusion within your business. 

Assign assets to employees with Docks asset management solution
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Track Purchase and Expiring Dates for Assets

You can accurately track the warranty status and purchase history of each asset to help you know when to plan a license renewal. This helps you to always be up-to-date and ahead of the game.

Built on Microsoft SharePoint

Dock Asset Management Software is built using your existing Office 365 and SharePoint Online investment to maximize your approach to managing the asset tracking process. This unique approach allows Dock Asset Management Solution to be powerful, affordable, and incredibly easy to use. 

Customer Success Stories
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Ray Fager

VP, Sales Operations - King's Hawaiian

"What I've really been pleasantly surprised with is your level of customer service. You have really great expertise on solving any of the issues we needed to solve."


Manish Kothari

CIO - Jax Federal Credit Union

"It was simple, easy, not too much technology jargon to communicate to some of our non-tech people. The Dock portal is very convenient to work with."

How Dock Asset Management System Works

Manage All Assets

You can track, manage, and check the status of assets from one single window. It is easy and productive. 

No-nonsense UI

SharePoint is a very powerful platform with advanced features. We made it simpler and smarter to match your needs.

Add New Assets

Add assets whenever you purchase new assets to your organization. Update the entry with all available information. 

Filter Assets as Required

When you have hundreds of assets to manage, it is important to have the facility to filter them to view only the ones you are searching for.

Assign Assets

Assign assets to your employees as required and track all of them quickly. 

Utilize your Assets Well

Dock 365's Asset Management Software is designed to give you maximum value out of your assets.