Making The Sales Processes Easy and Effortless

Our CRM solution is a great tool for giving your sales team the tools they need to stay competitive. It'll make deals easy, and present more control over sales processes, decisions, customer relationship and more.

Dock 365 - CRM-1

Give Your Sales Team A Definitive Advantage

Dock 365's CRM solution is here to provide you a leg up on the competition.

Track Deals by Stage
Custom Fields and Forms
Activities Field
Task Reminders
Document Management
Customer & Company Database Management
Track Email Communication
Contact Management
Detailed Dashboard Info
Breakdown by Company and Contact
Log calls, Emails, and Notes
Interactive Reports
Mobile App
Company Management

Next-Generation Sales Automation

Don't get stuck in the past. Use the latest innovations to help your sales team stay ahead of the curve.

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Find out more from answers to the most frequently asked questions from our beloved clients.

Is there multiple subscription plans for Dock 365 - CRM solution?
For our CRM solution, we have presented a single subscription plan that gives you access to all its features without any restriction.
How can I be sure this CRM solution works for my business?
We have created our CRM system taking suggestions, requests, experiences, and demands from an extensive number of experienced salespeople. You can schedule a free demo/trial to be sure about your decision. 
How much time do you need to deploy this solution?
At Dock, we just need 2 weeks to deliver the desired solutions to your organization. We know the value of time and technology better than anyone else.
Is there any feature to track all sales activities in your system?
The users can track all calls, emails, tasks, etc. created for companies and deals. As deals progress, you can create tasks and assign them to people too.
Do you have more questions in mind?

We are always ready to help you with all kinds of support. Sent an email to and get all your questions answered. Make a call to (904) 903-4475 if you want to talk instantly. For billing-related queries, you can always email to

Can we customize the fields to fit our needs?

Yes, you can customize the fields to match your business processes and operations better.

Will the CRM log emails from Outlook?
Do you have a mobile app for CRM?

Yes, we have a Microsoft Power App for CRM, so that your sales team can stay connected even when they are away from office.

Will the CRM send task reminders?

Yes, the task reminder notifications set based on dates remind users about tasks timely.

Do you have reporting capabilities?

Our CRM Solution allows you to generate comprehensive reports based on deals, company, contact etc.