Manage All Company Assets From One Place


Managing assets is a tough task for most emerging businesses. When you have a long list of assets spread across different departments of your business, tracking them and getting a detailed overview is not easy. Dock's Asset Management System is developed to put an end to that horrendous challenge. You can now track all your assets, and get their status instantly from a nicely designed page just like that. This intelligent system can offer you more intense and big benefits than you ever imaged.     

One important gain here is the total control you get over assets. You can easily know when it is time to renew the license for an asset, or to plan a service. Asset lifecycle management is easier, and simpler when you have a system that is so simple, yet effective. It allows you to perform tasks that ensure good health and perfect condition for your assets, thus reducing maintenance costs, and guaranteeing high productivity.   


A No-Nonsense Dashboard

Our Asset Management System is not here to impress with any fancy bells and whistles, but to ensure that you have total control over your assets. From the dashboard, you can easily get an overview of the number of assets you have listed in various categories. You can also get a quick insight into the warranty status of the assets. Thus, allowing you to renew any missed expiry date, and help you to plan a license renewal accurately to avoid any sort of delay or outage.  


Asset Management Dashboard


Add, Filter, and Assign Assets

Add all your assets both new and old to the system with complete details. You can enter information like model number, asset type and status, warranty expiry date, and also a description. Department and location fields make it easier for you to track down assets based on their characteristics. The filter option will help you to get a custom list of assets based on your preferences. Make use of the filter option to customize the search based on department, location, date, or any value you wish. There is also an option to assign assets to employees. This helps to understand who is handling the asset right now, and it helps to avoid conflicts. 


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