Dock Contract Management For Healthcare

The Dock 365 Contract Management System is perfectly suited for healthcare professionals in every aspect of managing contract lifecycles.

Using your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint infrastructure, Dock gives you a powerful approach that you can rely on. Dedicated to assisting healthcare enterprises in their contract-related needs and objectives, Dock is the dependable and productive solution you need.

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Benefits of Healthcare Contract Management Software

Contract Management Software
Automate Contract Lifecycles
Standardize each stage and automate tasks so you can keep up with the demands placed on your healthcare organization or hospital.
Contract Management Software
Mitigate Risk During Negotiations
Preapproved, compliant contract templates and clause libraries streamline negotiations and contract authoring while protecting your organization.
Contract Management Software
Expert Contract Obligation Management
Confidently manage all contract obligations and tasks with automated reminders, performance monitoring, and instant contract status updates.

Keep Up With Contract Demands Placed On Your Healthcare Organization

The healthcare industry is continually growing, meaning contract volumes and contract complexity will as well Dock can help.

Healthcare contract management requires attention to the fine details and strict adherence to compliance standards. Expertly manage high-risk contracts and oversee contract lifecycles with features including:

  • Automated reminders for upcoming contract expiration dates and auto renewals
  • Electronic signature integrations for rapid signing on any device
  • Unlimited storage in a cloud secure, digital contract repository
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Leverage A Cost-Efficient and Customizable Healthcare Contract Management System

Dock 365's Contract Management System is configured with your unique branding and is provided with various integrations that assist you in meeting your organization's contract management objectives.

Our solution is trusted by healthcare organizations to deliver seamless and compliant contract management. Tracking vendors, drafting contracts, monitoring compliance, and collecting e-signatures is simplified with integrations and apps such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and DocuSign.

Optimize Healthcare Contract Management With Advanced Capabilities

Simplified Implementation and User-Friendly SharePoint Platform

Our team is dedicated to supporting your transition to our solution, meaning we provide your organization with unlimited user support and training. Our solution is built onto your SharePoint tenant, offering an intelligent and flexible user interface that makes it easy to for your entire team to adopt. 

Secure Contract Management

With cloud security, you can ensure that you meet compliance regulations and that all of your sensitive data is protected at times. SharePoint Backup and SharePoint Restore offer additional layers of support for your healthcare organization's contracts. 

Customized Dashboards and Reporting

Generate contract reports on an automated basis to keep internal stakeholders in-the-know of the most critical contract metrics and data. With your customized, proactive contract management dashboard, you can gain on-demand insights of contract and vendor performance to help you strategize your next course of action.

Integrate With Leading Solutions

Dock 365 utilizes powerful business and productivity integrations to optimize internal communication and collaboration.


Empower Your Healthcare Contract Management Today

Gain the competitive edge with a SharePoint and Microsoft 365-based contract management solution that is trusted and proven to powerfully drive results and productivity. 

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