Securely Manage Your Workforce

Today’s most successful businesses are constantly growing and adapting to the latest technological changes that the world has to offer. These businesses are growing in employee count and revenue, but how do they do it?  At Dock we’ve found the answers. 

Our HRMS is a way to effectively manage your workforce by using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 intranet tools. Provide easy access for everyone in your organization to get the information they need. Increase productivity by empowering your team to complete their functions and execute personnel updates in real-time. You won’t have to worry about installing new software and systems. It’s all done for you and is backed by Microsoft. It’s in the cloud, which means no large capital expense for servers and software. You just deploy the platform and make your tools work for you.



All From Your Dashboard

Businesses need to automate their onboarding/offboarding processes, learning management documentation and courses, and overall Human Resource tactics. We all grew up on managing HR documents in the old rusty file cabinet, but to stay competitive within the market, we must make a change. This change starts right on the HRMS dashboard.  Employees have access to their tasks, profile updates, training, time off, and more.  Admins can manage employee onboarding, benefits, and more from their dashboard.


HRMS Home Page


Onboarding And Offboarding New Employees

HRMS makes the onboarding process smooth and gives employees a head start to be a huge asset to the team.  Simply add an employee and send out their onboarding packet, which includes information for their first day and tasks they need to complete.

When it comes time to leave the company, an admin can also assign offboarding tasks to make the transition out easy as well.

Employee Database

Also from the dashboard, an employee has access to their team's information.  This is especially helpful for new employees for when they need to find someone, but are unfamiliar with all the new faces.  In the employee database,  you can find fellow employee's names, job titles, and contact information.  


Employee Database

HRMS Benefits

Here’s what you’ll gain from Dock’s HRMS tool: 

  • Complete centralization for all HR documents 
  • Readily up-to-date and easily-managed employee information 
  • Absolute security of all HR resources 
  • Seamless automation for employee onboarding/offboarding 
  • Simplified processes for employee task assignments  
  • And much more! 

Want To Know More?

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