Dock 365's Convenient, Modern Document Management System

Managing and controlling documents and files in an organization is always a tough job. Our Document Center is built to make the job easy and efficient. 

Dock 365 Document Center Pricing

What Dock 365's Document Center Has to Offer

Our Document Management Center is loaded with a wide array of brilliant features and capabilities. We have simplified the most complicated document management processes. Learn more below.

Easy Document Management
Tags Filter
Share Documents with SharePoint Users
Compact, Standard, and Tile Views
Tile View for Modern Makeover
Store Videos, FAQ, Documents, Contracts etc.
Easy Content Search
Friendly Filters
Anytime Access To Documents
Version History Control
Editing, Read-only, and Invisibility Control
Editable Document Tagging Based on Document Center Function

Document Management Made Simple

Why worry about the documents and files in your entire organization when you can manage and access them all from one place with Dock 365's Document Center.

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Find answers to all common questions asked about our pricing, support and deployment processes.

What makes Dock 365's Document Center Outstanding?

You can manage all documents, files, and folders of your organization from our Document Center. Create or edit files as required from one place. To make it easier to find the desired documents, there is also an advanced search option.

How much time do you need to deploy this software?

At Dock, we just need 2 weeks to deliver the desired solutions to your organization. We know the value of time and technology better than anyone else.

What are the payment options available and how often I should make payments?

We accept all major credit cards and online payment modes. We are offering a monthly payment option for our clients from North America. All others can make annual payments, which will be the most convenient way to make payments.

Can you provide a live demo?

Of course, we love to show you our wonderful products and how they work. It gives you a better idea about how our applications work and how they can be used for enhancing our business productivity.

Do you have more questions in mind?

We are always ready to help you with all kinds of support. Sent an email to and get all your questions answered. Make a call to (904) 903-4475 if you want to talk instantly. For billing-related queries, you can always email to