Assuring A Smooth Transition For New Hires

A good employee onboarding process ensures great outcomes in terms of productivity, and also long term retention. Turn employee onboarding into a magic moment that makes them blend to your organization pleasantly. 

With Dock 365's employee onboarding process, adding employees and getting them started is a breeze, even before their first day.



Add Your New Employee

Adding a new employee is simple, just fill out the basic information.  You can assign tasks and send out the onboarding packet that the employee needs to complete.  You can even keep track of where they are in the process.


Welcome Your New Hire

Dock's Dedicated HR Portal is equipped with features to welcome a new hire.  It all starts with a welcome email.  This offer letter lets the employee know important details such as their start date and time and any information you want to include.  Since the employee hasn't started in an official capacity at this point, there is a link that takes them to a separate site to fill out their new employee information and tasks to complete prior to their first day.  


Employee's First Day

Once the employee starts, they will have access to the company's intranet system.  From this point they can see their tasks right from their dashboard so they can have a clear view of how to get started.  They can also finish updating their personal information, including adding emergency contacts.


Want To Know More?

Book a demo with one of our SharePoint collaboration site experts to see how we can help you develop an employee onboarding program that suits your business needs. 


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