Securely Manage Your Workforce

When you’re constantly growing and hiring new employees, there are some questions that every successful business must consider. At Dock, we’ve found the answers. You need an efficient HRIS to stay up-to-date with your employee information.


Securely Manage Your Workforce with Our HRIS Management Software

Businesses need to automate their on-boarding/off-boarding processes, learning management documentation and courses, and overall Human Resource tactics. We all grew up on managing HR documents in the old rusty file cabinet, but to stay competitive within the market, we must make a change. We must shift towards business automation and utilize the resources that our companies are already paying for – like Office 365 and SharePoint.

Dock 365 has created an efficient Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that utilizes the SharePoint framework for document security, version history, and centralization, and we’ve completely automated the way you’ll manage your HR needs today.

Here’s what you’ll gain from Dock’s HRIS System:
  • Complete centralization for all HR documents
  • Readily up-to-date and easily-managed employee information
  • Absolute security of all HR resources
  • Seamless automation for employee on-boarding/off-boarding
  • Simplified processes for employee task assignments
  • And much more!
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