Smart Workforce Management

Dock 365's Human Resource Management System let you handle your workforce and all data related to it with ease. Your HR team can store and retrieve all important information effortlessly while at the same time allowing employees to make requests, update their profiles, and retrieve other relevant information with ease.

Dock 365 HRMS Pricing

Highlights of Dock 365's HRMS Solution

Our Human Resource Management System is designed to give you total control over the different areas related to your company's human resources processes.

Product Features
Human Resource Management (HRMS) Employee Database
Employee Onboarding
Automated Offboarding
Employee Benefits
MySite Self-Service Portal
Employee Documents
Employee Onboarding Automatic Onboarding
Onboarding Task Management
Offboarding Task Management
Employee Offboarding Process
Track Tasks and Email Task Notifications to Users
Task Management That is Simple and Secure
Employee Performance Management Feedback
Goal Creation
Smart Dashboard
Assess Employees by a Point System
Customize Assessments
Schedule Performance Reviews with Ease
Recruitment Management System Post Job Openings
Embed Jobs to External Sites
Manage Candidates
Schedule Interviews and Send Offer Letters
Email Candidates
Import Your Talent Pool from External Sources

Empower Your HR Team

From recruiting to onboarding, your HR team needs exceptional tools to get work done without hassle. Dock HRMS is perfectly designed for that purpose.

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Find frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the pricing details here.

What are the payment options available and how often I should make payments?

We accept all major credit cards and online payment modes. We are offering a monthly payment option for our clients from North America. All others can make annual payments, which will be the most convenient way to make payments.

How much time do you need to deploy this solution?

At Dock, we just need 2 weeks to deliver the desired solutions to your organization. We know the value of time and technology better than anyone else.

Do you have more questions in mind?

We are always ready to help you with all kinds of support. Sent an email to and get all your questions answered. Make a call to (904) 903-4475 if you want to talk instantly. For billing-related queries, you can always email to

Can I ask you a question?
Use the FAQ section of your site to answer those routine questions that always come up and need to be answered. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be.
Is the database secure?

Our HRMS database is completely safe as only users having office 365 account with admin privilege to the application can access it.

Where is the information stored?

All data are stored in SharePoint and only the authorized users can access the solution.

Can an employee add details to their own database?

Yes. Your employees can update their personal details like address, phone number, and emergency contact details through the “MySite” page.

Can we integrate with other apps?

You can perform tasks like importing all the users from Microsoft Azure AD to the HRMS application.

Do employees get task reminders for onboarding?

Yes, each time the Start Onboarding” button gets clicked, an email will be sent to the “assigned to” of all tasks.

Where do jobs get posted in the Recruitment Management System?

You can post jobs to external job portals.

Can you manage resumes emailed directly from the solutions?

Yes, you can directly fetch the resumes from the mail to the solution and save as candidates.

Does this include onboarding?


Can you create task reminders to follow up with candidates?

Yes. You can create tasks from candidate profile and assign to the corresponding users.

Does this solution have document management?


Can you schedule interviews from the solution?