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The Best Way to Manage Your Expenses

Manual expense reporting is passe'. It is all about Expense Reporting Apps now!These apps facilitate easy and accurate expense reporting . Introducing InstaExpense - An Expense Reporting App powered by Microsoft Office and SharePoint. Say no to missed expenses and reimbursing slowdowns. It automates the entire process right from expense capture to expense approval. 


Instaexpense App


How the InstaExpense App Works 

InstaExpense is an easy-to-use expense report app that comes with a wide gamut of features. Using Submit Expenses, a user can easily

  • Add a new Expense
  • Submit for Approval

My Expenses feature offers a dashboard where the user can easily view all the expenses and their status like:

  • Pending Approval
  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Needs to be Resubmitted 

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InstaExpense is a Win-Win for both Employees & Employer

It is a space wherein employees can input their expenses and receipt images and managers can  simply approve or deny the expenses and send instant an response. Thus, ensuring a transparent and automated workflow

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