Efficient Expense Reporting

Reporting and tracking expenses can be a time-consuming process. We are presenting a smart solution to modernize your expense reporting, tracking and approval processes. 

InstaExpense Pricing Page

Stay Ahead of Your Expense Challenges

Tracking, submitting and approving/rejecting expenses are all important for keeping your budget balanced. With our Instaexpense App's wide range of excellent features and capabilities, we can ensure that you are in good control of your business expenses.

Intelligent Expense Management
Automate Expense Reporting
Approve or Deny Expenses
Expense Approvals and Status
Mobile App
Bulk Expense Report Submission
Microsoft Office and SharePoint
Enter Expenses and Receipts
Expense Dashboard
Web Version for Convenience
Archived Expenses
Track Status of Approvals

InstaExpense App - Developed For the Future

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our InstaExpense Pricing details.

Are there multiple subscription plans for Dock 365 - InstaExpense?
We are presenting InstaExpense with a single subscription plan which gives you access to all its features without any restriction.
Can I access the InstaExpense platform from a desktop?
Our InstaExpense Expense Reporting App is also having a web version for letting you access the platform from laptops and desktops too.
What are the payment options available and how often I should make payments?
We accept all major credit cards and online payment modes. We are offering a monthly payment option for our clients from North America. All others can make annual payments, which will be the most convenient way to make payments.
Do you have more questions in mind?
We are always ready to help you with all kinds of support. Sent an email to info@mydock365.com and get all your questions answered. Make a call to (904) 903-4475 if you want to talk instantly. For billing-related queries, you can always email to billing@mydock365.com.
Can you provide a live demo?

Of course, we love to show you our wonderful products and how they work. It gives you a better idea about how our applications work and how they can be used for enhancing our business productivity. Go here to book a live demo!

Can you archive receipts?

Yes, it is possible to move receipts to a different library once the expenses are all closed.

Can you submit multiple expenses under a consolidated report to the manager?

Yes, users can add multiple expenses and send them to the manager for approval.

Is there a mobile app as well as a desktop version?

Yes, this mobile app also comes with a Desktop version.

Can we change the fields to capture the data we require?

Yes, it is possible.

What software does the mobile app use?

Microsoft Power APP.

Is there an area for accounting to review after the manager approves expenses?

No. In power app, if the manager approves the expense then it will be considered as final. The accounting team can look at the expense from the SharePoint list if required.