How to Leverage SharePoint for Collaboration & Business Productivity

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Take your business to the next-level  with SharePoint

November 20, 11 AM EST


Organizations across the globe are realizing that Collaboration is at the core of business success.. And, why not? Collaboration tools are drastically improving productivity rates and daily workflows.

With millions of users around the world, SharePoint is #1 choice when it comes to a collaboration platform.  Say yes to seamless collaboration, communication and business productivity across different locations, teams, projects, departments with Microsoft SharePoint.

In this webinar, we will walk you through our Pre-built intranet portal powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 , some example designs and how you can utilize SharePoint as a platform to build business productivity solutions like CRM, Project Management portal, Sales Portal and Training Portals.

 Webinar Agenda

  1. Learn about our Pre-Built  intranet portal powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.
  2. Explore various Intranet portal examples
  3. Live Q&A session



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