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Using our pre-built Sharepoint intranet portal will make your life easier. Manage tasks, communicate and collaborate across your team, wherever they are, with greater efficiency.

Once you start your free trial we’ll show you how to get the best out of the platform and maximize your productivity. Customize Dock for your industry and your own requirements with the fully adaptable suite of applications.

SharePoint Intranet Portal

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User Friendly Software

Dock 365 is fully customizable and offers a whole suite of features for all your business needs.

Simply let us know about your business requirements and we’ll tailor the package for you. Create a seamless communication and project sharing platform, store important documents and edit them when and where you want.

Best of all, Dock 365 is easy to use and time efficient. No learning curve, no complicated tech support. Just an efficient platform to do what you need to do.


Stay in the Loop

Using Dock 365 ensures that everyone is on the same page. At the start of day, customize notifications for specific departments, share events, Birthdays, new team members or to-do lists.

With Dock 365 the whole team can be kept in the loop for important information.


Why SharePoint Intranet Portal Software?

Intranet portal software makes it so much easier to communicate, share and store important information between your team.

You’ll no doubt have heard of many different types of intranet portal software which have become very popular with businesses in recent years. Although all intranet portals have their own benefits, SharePoint is fully customizable and easy to set up.

There are also a variety of additional applications that can be added or removed as required. Using the modern digital infrastructure provided by Dock 365 means no more missed emails, crossed wires or miscommunications.

Can you afford not to use Dock 365?

Our Mission is Simple

Dock 365 is a trusted Microsoft SharePoint technology solution provider. Our mission is to remove the barriers to productivity and help businesses realize their goals and optimize their workflow.

We believe technology should make life easier, not create more problems. So our fully customizable intranet portal will ensure that your business can achieve its potential and not waste time on poor infrastructure.

We think you’ll be so impressed with Dock 365 that we’re giving you a free trial. If you’re as impressed as we think you will be, you will be able to see a collaboration and productivity flow like never before.


Dock 365 is packed full of productivity features that will change the game. 

  • Customizable Design Flow
  • Broadcast Internal Content Messaging
  • Company Intranet Hub Alerts
  • Human Resources Portal
  • IT Portal
  • Marketing Portal
  • Project Management Portal
  • Sales Portal
  • Training Portal
  • And much more with optional add-ons

If you’ve ever been held back by slow communications, an outdated intranet or digital infrastructure; or you simply need to get your team up to speed with modern technology then speak to our team.

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