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Project Management

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Dock’s Powerful NextGen Project Management Solution. Manage projects effortlessly utilizing SharePoint, advanced customization and enjoy countless features. 

Smart Enterprise-Ready Features

  if_business_465049      Projects 

  • Create separate groups for projects from different departments like IT, marketing, HR, etc.
  • Assign a project to an existing or newly created group



    Simple Task Management


  • Create different tasks
  • Assign it to different project members and set the status, start date, end date and priority

 Project Management Solution


    if_more_476329   View Task Details like History   

  • Not just add tasks but also incorporate task details like Files, Updates, etc.                    


 if_pen7_216316      Create Your Own Status  

  • Create your own status as per the project requirements
  • Add a desired color to it

Capture 5-5 


       icons8-microsoft-sharepoint-filled-50     Easy Access to SharePoint Library 

  • Now enjoy all the benefits of SharePoint Document Library right from your project management portal


if_Vector-icons_47_1041649              Complete Document Management        

  • You can not only add documents to a particular task but also add documents related to the entire project.  

     if_General_-_Office_37_1471104 Add & Manage Project Members

  • Add new members to your project in just few clicks.


    if_chat_326503                Communicate & Collaborate 

  • Easily communicate and collaborate with your team right from your project portal


Project Management made Painless

Say no to those complex and inefficient 3rd party software, Dock’s NextGen solution is here to transform project management. It enables you to manage your projects and tasks with a single login in a secure and innovative SharePoint environment.

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