Coronavirus: Helping Companies Keep Employees Engaged When Working Remotely

Thursday, March 19, 11 AM EST

26. Webinar 3.19.20 Coronavirus


With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many companies are choosing to have their employees work remotely to minimize the spread of disease and keep them safe. For most companies, this is a completely unique situation, and they are unsure of the best way to approach it. One of the most prominent thoughts on many employers' minds is how can they ensure that their employees are staying engaged while working remotely. 

To answer that and any other questions you might have about dealing with coronavirus, we will be hosting a question and answer session with special guests Ben Hippeli and Matthew Leon. Both are esteemed professors at The University of North Florida. Ben is a Professor of Professional Selling, and Matthew is an Assistant Professor at the Coggins College of Business. The two of them will be answering a series of questions that companies may have about how to handle employee engagement during this difficult time. 

We hope that you'll register for this webinar and come prepared with any and all questions you may have about how companies can respond to and succeed during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduce guest speakers
  • Dock 365 Q&A session with our guest speakers
  • Open Q&A with our special guests using questions gathered from the webinar chat. 

Special Guests

Ben HippeliBen Hippeli - Professor of Professional Selling At The University of North Florida

Ben Hippeli teaches Professional Selling and Sales Management at UNF, coaches the UNF competition sales team, and is the founder of Benchmark Training, a firm dedicated to helping companies maximize the performance of their sales team through recruiting, training, and coaching.


Matthew LeonMatthew Leon - Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida - Coggins College of Business

Matthew is an Assistant Professor of Management (OB/HR) at the University of North Florida. His research focuses on individual and group behaviors under stressful, dynamic conditions with an emphasis on change over time. He also greatly enjoys teaching Human Resource and General Management courses for my students.



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