Microsoft Teams From a User's Perspective

Tuesday, May 19, 11 AM EST


Transitioning to remote working may be difficult for some companies. One thing that can ease this transition is the use of the best tools for the job. That's why, in partnership with the experts at Microsoft, we are hosting a free webinar focused on showcasing two of the best tools for remote working: Microsoft Teams and Dock Intranet. 

In this webinar, you'll get a deep dive into the benefits and tools that Microsoft Teams and Dock Intranet provides to the average user. You'll find out how these platforms can help your team come together to stay engaged and collaborative during this difficult time. Microsoft Teams Meeting facility has made collaboration and communication easy during these virus-outbreak times. Getting proper Microsoft Teams training is important to exploit the platform well. We're very excited to share more information about these valuable resources, and we look forward to seeing you at this free webinar.


  • Introduction
  • Chat – What all we can do through 1:1 chat and ask for access from administrators
  • Meeting – How we can create a meeting and how we can use it effectively, also what we can demand access on from our administrators
  • Teams: Create similar interest Chat group to share and collaborate
  • Call – Call user to user and PSTN call.+ Features included in that
  • Using OneDrive to share files in teams
  • Teams Settings- (To setup Forwarding and other important operations)
  • Dock Intranet - How to combine its use with Microsoft Teams for maximum value
  • Dock Intranet Demo

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