What Small Businesses Need to Know About Remote Working

Thursday, April 16, 11 AM EST

28. Remote Working for small businesses - webinar recording-1


As part of our ongoing efforts to make sure that businesses have the tools they need to react to coronavirus outbreak, we will be giving a webinar on what small businesses need to know about working from home during the outbreak. Many compact companies aren't aware of the best tools and practices to maximize their productivity. We want to make sure that all organizations are able to weather the coronavirus outbreak as successfully as possible. 

During this webinar, we will go over a number of strategies and techniques that may be able to help your business. We will also touch on a number of free and paid tools that could help your employees while they work from home during the coronavirus outbreak. We know how difficult this is - that's why we want to help you succeed in any way we can. 

If you're a small business owner looking for ways to maintain your company's success, then we highly recommend signing up for our webinar today!

Webinar Agenda

  • Brief Introduction of Dock 365 and what we do.
  • Exploring strategies employers can use to manage remote workers.
  • Taking a look at different tools that teams can use while working from home.
  • A brief overview of Dock 365's Intranet solution and how it can help small businesses with teleworking.
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