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Do you have Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint subscription for your business? If yes you have taken a big step towards increasing your business productivity. However, to stay consistent with these platforms, you need to know certain features and settings offers by SharePoint well. It is difficult to learn all about SharePoint overnight but you need to know at least a handful of them to stay efficient throughout the journey. From this E-book, you will get to know about some effective ways to solve some common issues and hurdles you might come across while exploiting the platform. This will help you to stay consistent in productivity and keep achieving goals.       

Here are the chapters included in this e-book:

  1. Limitations in SharePoint Online and Ways to Overcome them
  2. What Happens When You Delete A Channel in Microsoft Teams
  3. 3 Ways to Follow Documents in SharePoint to Track Them
  4. How to Restore a Document Library in SharePoint Online
  5. How to Use Storage Metrics Reports on SharePoint Sites

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