Dock SharePoint Intranet Overview


BairFind Foundation Testimonial

“Firstly, it is very easy to move documents into the system. Secondly, it is very attractive and our team like it and it is easy for us and flexible enough that we can move information around and easily tell our story. Thirdly, it is very easy to access documents. Thanks to Dock SharePoint Intranet Portal!"

Ellen Sullivan.
Chief Executive Officer.

An Employee Portal that Transforms Company-wide Communication

Employee Directory
  • Communication is the key to success

  • Resources that are easy to find and are always updated

  • Your most valuable collaboration tool

Online Training Tools within Your Intranet Portal

Employee Directory
  • Easily Manage Your Internal Training

  • Quickly Rollout Your Courses in Minutes

  • Simply Find Your Courses by Department, Topic and Skills

  • Effortlessly Test and Report on Trainings

Accomplish More with a Dedicated HR Portal for Your Employees

Employee Directory
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding done efficiently

  • Seamlessly manage employee data

  • Applicant tracking tools

  • Manage jobs and resumes

Track Your Projects like a Pro with our Project Management Feature

  • Take the guess work out of project management

  • Join forces with your team to manage the project’s tasks and risks

  • Compelling capability to store project information

  • Share project updates and documents with team members as well as external partners

Best Intranet Solutions with a Multiple Locations Portal

  • Customizes each office location with custom pre-built templates

  • Delegate your unique business needs of each office location

  • Admins can readily manage information that’s exclusive to each location

Encourage Employee Morale and Productivity with a Robust Employee Directory

Employee Directory
  • A robust platform based on your employee data sheets

  • Transform your Excel spreadsheet into a searchable portal so that employees can find anyone

  • Visually pleasing to encourage more connections and communication

Connect Teams and Encourage Open Communication with Company Social Platforms

Social media
  • We’re not talking about any kind of ordinary social platform

  • Communication channels on the best intranet solution through SharePoint and Office 365

  • Influences collaboration between departments and teams

Dock’s sales portal is a mini CRM that helps your sales team manage and collaborate on leads from introudction to closure

Employee Directory
  • Maximize opportunities to win and keep customers

  • Track every communication

  • Track your contacts

  • Track opportunities

  • Manage all your sales documentation in one place

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Dock Add-Ons

Easy and affordable expense reporting app

  • An expense reporting mobile application
  • Built on the power of SharePoint and Office 365
  • Submit your expenses for approval from your smartphone
  • Upload your expense receipt from your smartphone

Manage your sales on the Go

  • Sell smarter, streamline sales process
  • Access to contact, company and opportunity information on your smartphones
  • Manage your opportunities
  • Track your sales activities for reporting
  • Sales performance dashboards
  • Easy an affordable solution
  • Make use of your Office 365 investment

Document migration to SharePoint made simple

  • Migration of your documents from you server to SharePoint Online
  • Migrate documents from your legacy SharePoint to SharePoint Online
  • Migrate document from your network file share to SharePoint Online
  • Migrate document from your OneDrive to SharePoint Online
  • An easy and affordable solution for document migration

Organize your Board Meetings with flair

  • Add your information about the meeting such as title, date, time and location
  • Upload important meeting documents such as PowerPoints and handouts
  • Include the attendees of the meeting and a section for news and announcements

Deploy dock for:

Microsoft SharePoint

On-Prem for SharePoint 2013

Deploy to your existing On-Premise SharePoint 2013 Standard or Enterprise environment.

Microsoft SharePoint

On-Prem for SharePoint 2016

Deploy to your existing On-Premise or Hybrid SharePoint 2016 environment.

Microsoft SharePoint

Online for Office 365

Effortlessly deploy your custom intranet to leverage productivity tools in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

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